1 thought on “Fr. Patrick Girouard Comes Out of Hiding”

  1. Gloria in excelsis Deo!

    May Our Lord Jesus and His Blessed Mother and St Joseph, faithful Guardian and Protector of the Holy Family bless and watch over us, all, who though we be only poor sinners, unworthy of their notice, have been so remarkably blessed with Grace enough to recognise the wiles of the Liar, the Father of all lies, who perverts and deceives the prelates of Holy Church, even those who by the unmerited Grace of Our Lord walked with and were nurtured by the late and great Archbishop Lefebvre and the holy and beloved Ludovic-Marie Barielle, Spiritual Director of Econe. It seems almost impossible to my tired eyes and heart that some of his sons have taken to the path of traitors and apostates. I, who flatter myself so far as to think myself far beneath the least of the Archbishop’s Sons, am almost unable to believe the evidence of my senses. How have we come to this? How haps it thus? It happens thus through pride and arrogance and presumption at the very top of the Fraternity, where in the first place Fr Schmidberger and Bishop Fellay stitch up a deal over the post of Superior General (SG) of the Fraternity and Bishop Fellay, having become SG, packs the Chapter with his creatures and fixes his ‘election’ for a further term of rule by deceit and intimidation. Bishop Fellay truly believes himself the successor of Archbishop Lefebvre. He also believes he is right, today, and will be right, tomorrow, when he contradicts himself, yet again, and, yet again, will tell us all that it is not his fault, that he was deceived by those whom he, in his simple and trusting manner, had believed. Yes, it was and always will be someone else’s fault. Nice Bishop Fellay, Kind Bishop Fellay, Sweet Bishop Fellay is always misunderstood and misinterpreted by wicked and ill-willed people..yawn, yawn, yawn. Enough is enough, Bernard Fellay. Time to go Bernard Fellay. Or can it be, Bernard Fellay, that there are very serious reasons why you cannot possibly resign? Does our legal friend tell yo that it would be disasterous for you to relinquish your ill-gotten post because of the eventual revelation of an ill-gotten property or two or some other gain that might cause some unacceptable embarassment to Your Excellency? We have Pinocchio Masses with Papa Bergoglio and the FSSPX has its own Pinocchio, too.

    Bernie, Bernie, give up your job, please do! We’re half crazy and all of it thanks to you. This can’t be a holy marriage for all you is damage the life and the goodness of the souls who had hoped for so much from you! (Tune: Daisy, Daisy! Give me your answer, do!)

    Seriously, though, Folks, I do not mean cruelly to mock Bishop Fellay’s Loony-Tunes government of the Fraternity he high-jacked. Not only do I not mean cruelly to mock the former FSSPX Burser when I recall that Judas was Christ’s Bursar and he, we believe, betrayed Christ, just like …….well, you follow where I am going with this, do you not? Can it be the money that causes the rot? No, not the money – but the LOVE of money, where that ‘Love that will not let me go’ is more the filthy lucre than it has ever been the love for God and for souls. I fear for my soul, Bishop Fellay, but I fear more for yours. So, let us try to pray for each other, your Excellency, but let me tell you that the Archbishop I knew before you were born now surely regrets having ordained and consecrated you. You have become the nemesis for all he worked to do. You are the Archbishop’s Judas. Metanoite, Bishop, metanoite, before your time runs out.


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