Bishop Fellay Unrepentant

Bishop Fellay, in an interview published June 7, 2013, demonstrates his lack of repentance for the damage he has done to the Society of the St. Pius X.  Instead, he continues to blame others who only seek the return of the Society back to the position of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.


“Those who divide the Society with their dialectic, they should reflect on why they do what they do. With this, I mean Bishop Williamson and the priests who follow him.”


No, Your Excellency, it is you who have divided the Society by wanting a canonical agreement prior to the conversion of Rome.  It is you that submitted to unconverted Rome a doctrinal declaration that is abominable!


The war goes on for the life of Catholic Tradition with or without you.  I pray for your soul.

3 thoughts on “Bishop Fellay Unrepentant”

  1. The best way I can answer you Tony is to direct you to the following link – it summarizes my research into the matter. I do not have direct information or a quote. Father Pfeiffer said that the merger is being done bit by bit (or words to that effect). We do not know what is being done in secret. Perhaps I am too suspicious? Here is the link. It is set out there in a way I cannot set it out here.:)

  2. ABL sought for the SSPX to last until there was a seamless merger with Rome-restored-to-tradition/doctrine after which SSPX would not be needed any more. It only existed to deal with Rome’s heresies. It is ironic now to see that a seamless merger is being accomplished under BF, not however with converted Rome, but with heretical Rome. A Rome that in his delusional mind/soul would have no trouble in leading him and his lemming-like priests over the cliff.

    After all, it is being touted that he now has Ordinary jurisdiction which can only come through the Pope. No doctrinal preambles are needed any more.


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