Caledon Miracle Working Priest

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Father Francis McSpiritt


An account of his life can be found here:  macdonell full

The posted article on Father’s life was in a book written by an Orangeman, but as the author stated, this gives an unbiased account. Given the numerous miracles described, I wonder how many more a Catholic might have described.

Interesting also that the local Bishop asked him to stop the miracles so as not to offend Protestants, and when Father continued, he was re-assigned to a more remote parish – sound familiar?

Father had a reputation for sticking to spiritual matters and avoiding much of earthly pleasures. Human respect was not a failing of his.

He did cure Protestants, but sometimes did assign a penance of joining the Church.

The anniversary of his death is August 14th and would be a good date for a pilgrimmage. In 2013, my wife, daughter and a family friend visited his gravesite. Nothing was planned by the local parish, and there was no evidence of other visitors.

His gravesite can be found here:  MW Grave Site

and looks like this:




Perhaps readers who are not in the area can make a spiritual visit.

If Fr McSpiritt were alive today, I think the Resistance would have another priest.


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