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The Angelus Press Blog article says:

“The acronym GREC is French in origin. Its meaning in English translation is a study group for Catholics.

A book published fairly recently in France by Nouvelles Editions Latines traces the origins and development and topics discussed in the study sessions between Traditional and Conciliar Catholics. The text was written by a French priest, Fr. Michel Lelong, and contains many contributions by other participants.”

However, the Angelus Press Blog does not give the title of the book, Pour la necessaire reconciliation.

In other words, GREC is not just any study group, it was designed to get the SSPX regularized with concilliar Rome. As the Angelus Press Blog article said “When the official discussions began between the Roman theologians and those of the Society, the GREC meetings no longer served any useful function, and so ended towards the end of 2011.”

This implies that the study group is benign, so there is no real need to read the book, and since the discussions with Rome were held, GREC was disbanded and is no longer relevant. However, this merely reproduces the argument that since there is no agreement, we have no concern. It supports the new direction of the Neo-SSPX, but we are asked to look the other way.

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