Fr Girouard Discusses going only to Resistance Masses

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Below is a very good paragraph taken from an e-mail Father Girouard sent us back in August. The last part (in bold) contains some inspiring points that have to do with the problem of hearing Mass less often when one is in the Resistance.


“I think that we have to have an ignatian approach, style: Elections. We look for what is the best for the salvation and sanctification of our souls and the glory of God. Now, in the present case, for those who understand the situation and thus have the sufficient convictions, there is no doubt that the election will be to go firmly with the Resistance because the Resistance entirely opposes the errors of the Conciliar Church and of those that want to be recognized by it. We fight error because it is opposed to the truth and Our Lord is the Truth. The only way to see clearly how to act is to stand on the summits of the principles of St. Ignatius and to have confidence in God, who will know how to compensate for the lack of sacraments and school. Let us remember the principle that grace is received in proportion to the disposition of the recipient. The more one is open to do the will of God despite the hardships, the more God will fill him with His graces. The Resistant will thus receive more graces by assisting at one Mass per month, than the compromisers by going to Mass every day.”

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