Letter to John Vennari

Dear John,
Despite my “lack of interest in CFN”, I continue to read and was impressed that you published, in the current issue, the articles by John Salza and Dr C.
On the last page, you ask the question What do we want to read?
As previously commented, I want to see articles about the Resistance, what they are resisting, why are other priests staying inside, and how the SSPX leader has changed from the position outlined in the article by Dr C., how Resistance advocates are faring without regular Mass, etc.
Maybe if enough people ask … ?
Br. Joseph

2 thoughts on “Letter to John Vennari”

  1. In the name of the Lord of Heaven and Earth and reposing my trust in the most holy and blessed Mother of God who intercedes for us, all, at the Feet of her Divine Son I give you in all good faith and honesty my reply to your questions. The Resistance is the the only sure and visible group of Clergy and Laity that can honestly say that it follows fully the orientations of the generous-hearted and undoubtedly holy Founder of the FSSPX. Bishop Fellay and the coterie surrounding and aiding him have clearly and indisputably abandoned the principles of the holy Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and have, thus, erred and strayed from the Catholic Faith that comes us from the Apostles. The Archbishop is abandoned by those people. The Archbishop did not abandon the Catholic Faith and defended the Faith as did the Holy Confessors and Martyrs before us. The Archbishop’s words were not ambiguous and weasel-like and his were so unlike those of Bishop Fellay who has spat in the face of his Episcopal father and maker. Bishop Fellay spits in the face of those who have died in the Catholic Faith and he is no longer worthy to be Superior General of the FSSPX. We must, in Holy Charity, pray for the salvation of Bishop Fellay’s soul for he leads into the way of perdition those who follow him.


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