Father Girouard is Expelled



Come Right In! (9th Edition – November 27th, 2013)

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Another Head Rolls!


My dear friends,


I know it has been more than two months since we published our last Edition, and some of you have been wondering what was going on. Thanks be to God, I am still alive and kicking. I have simply been too busy with parish matters (meetings of the men’s and of the women’s groups; building up the sacristy; our first baptism; blessing of a house in Bellingham, WA; improvements to our Hall; etc.), without forgetting prayer, study, and simply the day-to-day material life of the Priory. Remember that I do not have a Brother or a Sister to take care of these things. I also had some little crosses which slowed me down (I have been sick with a bug; my laptop had to be sent away for repairs; etc). Thank you for your patience and understanding! And be reassured: My parishioners are as strong and determined as ever, and they help me out a lot. Moreover, the Good Lord is supporting me in many ways and keeps me cheerful.


What about my situation with the Neo-SSPX? In mid-October I received my second and last Canonical Monition from Fr. Wegner, but it failed to change me into a “softie”, and I didn’t bother to answer it. On Monday, feast of the great martyr St. Catherine, I received, by registered and priority mail, an envelope with beautiful Swiss stamps! Yes, it was from Menzingen! From His Excellency Bishop Bernard Fellay himself! A letter in French, with a title in big fonts and capitals: DECREE OF EXPULSION OF REV. FATHER PATRICK GIROUARD. Yes, my dear readers, another head has rolled off the Menzingen guillotine: Mine! I will give you the full text in a later edition, but the words are pretty clear: I have been expelled!


But have I, really? I am asking the question because, even if the text of the decree is clear in itself, maybe its author will try to justify it by saying the text is ambiguous and too subtle for us to understand! Indeed, to use his own expression, we readers are not “in his head”. (Readers will remember this is how Bishop Fellay tried to justify his shameful April 15th, 2012 Declaration). Therefore, am I or am I not “out”? To be or not to be, is indeed a capital question! I had the temptation to write him and ask him what is “in his head” concerning my expulsion, but then I realized that his eventual answer would not help me out at all! Indeed, I would still be faced with the same problem when reading his second letter! I would still not be “in his head”! Therefore, I will stick to what is in my head when I read the text itself: I have been expelled!


Well, in reality, what we have to understand is that I have never belonged, and by the grace of God will never be, to the Neo-SSPX that has been created at the July 2012 General Chapter. A Neo-SSPX which has indeed opened officially the door to a recognition by Modernist Rome, despite the latest instructions of Archbishop Lefebvre. That door has remained wide opened ever since, and every single Bishop or Priest who stood up against the change have been subjected to a “legal” guillotine. Even if it is sad to see the foundation of Archbishop Lefebvre being high jacked, like Rome itself has been for a long time, there is one positive aspect to this decree of expulsion: To me, it is only an official confirmation that I have remained faithful to the old SSPX, founded by Archbishop Lefebvre in November 1970! Pray for my fidelity in the combat, as I pray for yours.

Fr. Patrick Girouard

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