Psalm 73 – The Persecution of the Catholic Church

As the world gets worse each day and as the situation of the Catholic Church has become more disastrous under the pontificate of Pope Francis, it becomes easier to despair that there is no way out of this mess.  Humanly speaking, one may be correct; however, we have the promise of Our Lady of Fatima that Her Immaculate Heart will triumph.  Our Lady of Good Success brings the same message of hope.  Let us never forget then that no matter how bad things get, Our Lord is in total and complete control.  When He so decides, His and our Mother will intervene.  What we are asked to do in the meantime is to weather this storm by keeping the Faith; the light will shine again one day.


Let us avoid the temptation of falling into Sedevacantism or into the hands of the conciliar church.  We must keep on the straight and narrow path as exemplified by the saintly Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, whose memory and mission the SSPX-Marian Corps Toronto carries forward.


A beautiful prayer and meditation at this unprecedented time in history is Psalm 73, which foreshadowed the intense persecution Holy Mother Church is currently undergoing.  With the Psalmist, let us cry out to God to take us out of this crisis.

A Challenge to Fr. Daniel Themann, SSPX

In April of 2013, Fr. Daniel Themann, SSPX, gave a conference at St. Mary’s, Kansas.  The conference was entitled “Resistance to What?”.  It was an attack on the public resistance, offered by His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson and several SSPX priests who have been or are on the verge of being kicked out of the SSPX, against the new direction of the SSPX championed by His Excellency Bishop Bernard Fellay.  As the title clearly states, Fr. Themann is of the position that nothing has substantially changed in the SSPX that would warrant a public resistance.  In response to this conference, the December 2013 Supplementary Issue of the Recusant publishes an excellent, thorough refutation of Fr. Themann’s arguments.  We at the SSPX-Marian Corps Toronto now challenge Fr. Daniel Themann to respond to this refutation.


Father, since you seem so confident of your position, please do us the favour and defend your arguments against the wounds inflicted on them by this refutation.

“Where Can I Attend Mass?” Video by Peter Romanus

I must admit that the Peter Romanus YouTube channel produces some good stuff.  However, I do have a beef with one of its videos entitled “Where Can I Attend Mass?” (see below).  The video promotes Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and the SSPX-Marian Corps; however, it also promotes the neo-SSPX under Bishop Fellay as if the neo-SSPX is not fundamentally different than the SSPX founded by Archbishop Lefebvre.  The person(s) behind Peter Romanus fails to understand that the neo-SSPX is in the same category as the Fraternity of St. Peter and other Ecclesia Dei communities.  Why?  Because the neo-SSPX has abandoned the position that Rome must convert prior to any canonical regularization.  It has adopted a principle (First Condition of the SSPX 2012 General Chapter) that is not Catholic.  Its leader, Bishop Bernard Fellay, fundamentally accepts the “Hermeneutic of Continuity” proposed by the former Pope Benedict XVI as evidenced by the Bishop’s abominable Doctrinal Declaration of April 15, 2012.  How then can Peter Romanus advise us that we can attend neo-SSPX chapels when Archbishop Lefebvre believed and acted to the contrary?


Peter Romanus, if you want to be truly faithful to Archbishop Lefebvre, then please stick with Bishop Williamson, the SSPX-Marian Corps, and the other Resistance priests who now carry forward his memory and mission.  Keep away from Bishop Fellay and the neo-SSPX priests who have instead abandoned the Archbishop.

Change 1962 Missal to 1965 with Novus Ordo Calendar – Pseudo-Traditional Groups

Fr. Gregory Hesse (+2006), Doctor of Sacred Theology and Canon Law, gave a conference at St. Michael’s Church (run by Fr. Hector Bolduc until his death in 2012) in Wisconsin in 2001.  In this conference, Fr. Hesse says that representatives from several pseudo-Traditional groups (FSSP, Dom Gerard Calvet, Michael Davies, Una Voce, etc.) met earlier that same year to decide what should be done with the 1962 Missal.  According to Fr. Hesse, these representatives agreed that the 1962 Missal should be changed to the 1965 Missal with the adoption of the Novus Ordo calendar.  Yuck!  So much for these groups trying to preserve the Mass of all time; rather, regardless of any good intentions, they worked to destroy it!


Here is the relevant extract of the conference.  You can directly listen to the audio by left clicking on the “Play” button.  If you prefer to download the audio file to your computer, right click the “Play” button and then left click the “Save audio as” option.

Baby William’s Baptism

Monday December 9th on the feast of St. Juan Diego, Fr. David Hewko baptized the infant son of James & Christine Saul.  The Godfather was Tony La Rosa and the server was Joseph La Rosa.  With this baptism, the Toronto Resistance has gained another soul.


Deo Gratias!