History Repeats Itself?

History has the annoying tendency to repeat itself. And it reminds us that the rule of entropy is alive and well. In other words, Vatican II and its aftermath are happening in the SSPX today.


The SSPX, the once staunch defender of Tradition, has crumbled into the proverbial pottage of liberal Trads, conservative Trads and traditional Trads (Resistance). That Menzingen has turned liberal has by now become clear to most Traditionalists.


For those who want to keep their Faith and therefore want to remain traditional, the difficulty is to know who is their friend and who is their enemy. The liberal Traditionalists are easily recognized because, generally speaking, they are transparent. For example, the neo-SSPX, by their April 15, 2012 Declaration, has clearly spelled out that it accepts the modernism of conciliar Rome (including the Indult).


But how to spot the conservative Traditionalists, those who, while defending Tradition, lead Traditionalists little by little towards conservatism (softening on principles) and eventually into liberalism (and inevitably into conciliarism) is more difficult, possibly because conservative Traditionalists tend to be nice. But, make no mistake about it, their niceness is more dangerous because they soften us bit by bit (give us a little poison continuously) until we no longer think like Traditionalists.


Take, for example, Michael Davies, a staunch defender of Tradition. In spite of writing ‘tough’, he essentially preached ‘work from within’ and, like all conservative Catholics of the post-Vatican II era, ended up in conciliar Rome (Indult).


And so today, history once again repeats itself. As Vatican II is taking place in the SSPX, conservative Traditionalists are doing exactly what conservative Catholics did 40 years ago: work from within – and – lead Traditionalists to liberalism.


Take, for example, Catholic Family News (CFN).


The editorial policy of CFN seems to be to refrain from reporting the news or to report only that news which has or would have the approval of the SSPX.


For example, CFN has never commented on the April 15th Declaration. How can a shift of this magnitude not be reported?


CFN is silent on the expulsion of the SSPX priests who are opposed to a practical deal with conciliar Rome.


While CFN does not report on the Resistance seminaries that are forming in various parts of the world, it does print a half-page SSPX advertisement (Jan. 2014, p.15) for the new seminary in Virginia. According to the ad, donating $5,000 will merit a “plaque” which will be placed “inside the room” funded by the donor. As an aside, I remember Bishop Fellay saying in a Toronto conference before the General Chapter of 2006 (no doubt his canvassing speech) that he would never accept a “room in the zoo” (his own words) in the conciliar Church. So today, CFN is encouraging its readers to purchase a “room” in the rebranded SSPX zoo!


And to add insult to injury, by way of encouraging payment for this “room”, the SSPX ad says “if necessary, join with others”, implying that if the faithful cannot afford the lump sum of 5,000 dollars, they may, though only “if necessary, join with others”. Since when has CFN had to rely on sponsors who patronize CFN readers?


CFN does not inform its readers that over Christmas in Münich, the German SSPX priory advertised daily Mass in the Extraordinary Form. Ought the readers not be informed that the SSPX has become so liberal that it now recognizes the legitimacy of the NOM and thus effectively promotes the demotion of the Traditional Mass to second place?


Perhaps it is beneath the dignity of CFN to report that the once Traditional SSPX publication in India has recently been given a rebranded name The Flying Squirrel. Is it a joke or an insult?


Would CFN readers be concerned to learn that in The Flying Squirrel, Traditionalists in Asia are encouraged to meditate on a sermon given by the present Pope and are given “centering” tips on how to improve their meditation techniques?


It is a strange coincidence that CFN (Jan. 2014, p.10) carries an article “Marvelous Fruits of the Holy Rosary” right at the time when the SSPX faithful are asked to start another Rosary Crusade. Why not write an in-depth analysis on the second intention and explain in plain language who is asked to return where?


The list of examples could go on.


The sad reality is that CFN has become a conservative tool in the hands of the SSPX to present a cleaner – a more Traditional – spin on the rebranded SSPX policy in order to gently reign us into liberalism and conciliarism (Indult).


The rule of entropy is alive and well in the spirit of conciliarism. It worked on most NO Catholics in the aftermath of Vatican II. Will it work on Traditional Catholics in the aftermath of the SSPX crisis? Will history repeat itself once again?


Sister Constance, TOSF


Should We Continue to Attend Neo-SSPX Masses – Fr. David Hewko Answers

Below is a conference given by Fr. David Hewko in St. Catharines, Ontario on January 19, 2014.  Father answers someone’s question as to whether we should continue to attend neo-SSPX Masses.  Hear Father’s answer, which is essentially the position held by other SSPX-Marian Corps priests, which in turn is the same as what the SSPX of Archbishop Lefebvre taught about attending Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) Masses.  The difference between the neo-SSPX and the FSSP is not one of substance, but only one of degree.


This YouTube video is programmed to start and finish at the relevant portion which is from 17:00 to 21:08.


Novena to Our Lady of Good Success

Dear Friends of the Catholic Resistance in the Toronto Area,


On Friday January 24 begins the Novena to Our Lady of Good Success.  As you may well know, the Mission based in Toronto is placed under the mantle of Our Lady under this title.  I therefore encourage all of you to pray this Novena for the intention of obtaining a permanent priest for Toronto through Our Lady’s intercession under Her title of Good Success.  You may place your own intentions as well.  There are two sample novenas at the link below.  I encourage all of us to pray the full version.




God bless.


Tony La Rosa

Fr. Niklaus Pfluger on the Magisterium of Vatican II and the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter

Below is a sermon given by Fr. Francois Chazal in Cebu in the Philippines on January 19, 2014.  Fr. Chazal speaks about Fr. Niklaus Pfluger, First Assistant of the neo-SSPX, in that Fr. Pfluger addressed a group of neo-SSPX brothers and told them that to reject the Magisterium of Vatican II makes one a Sedevacantist.  Fr. Pfluger also told them that the neo-SSPX should take tips from the Fraternity of St. Peter because the latter is growing while the former is shrinking in terms of the number of priests.  Perhaps Fr. Pfluger should take a closer look at why his priests are leaving – because the neo-SSPX leaders have abandoned the principles of the SSPX founder!


This YouTube video is programmed to start and finish at the relevant portion which is from 6:37 to 9:05.


The Blessed Virgin Mary – Our Life, Our Sweetness, and Our Hope

Below is an extract of a sermon given by Fr. Richard Voigt in Boston, Kentucky on January 19, 2014.  Father states that the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope in union with the Bishops of the world will bring about the return of glory to the Catholic Church.  Then he goes on to explain five means by which we can show our love for Our Mother and Queen.  She is truly Our Life, Our Sweetness, and Our Hope.


You can directly listen to the audio by left clicking on the “Play” button.  If you prefer to download the audio file to your computer, right click the “Play” button and then left click the “Save audio as” option.

“Vatican II Crucifies Christ to the Cross” – Fr. David Hewko

Here is an extract of a sermon given by Fr. David Hewko in Sparta, New Jersey on January 5, 2014.  We cannot reconcile Vatican II with Catholic Tradition.  Compare this to Bishop Fellay’s hope that Vatican II would be considered a part of Tradition.


You can directly listen to the audio by left clicking on the “Play” button.  If you prefer to download the audio file to your computer, right click the “Play” button and then left click the “Save audio as” option.

Franciscan Friar of the Immaculate Defends Vatican II

There has been much talk of late regarding the way the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate have been treated by Rome.  Whereas I agree that Rome is not fond of Tradition and that there is truth that this lack of fondness has displayed itself strong against the Franciscan Friars, we must keep in mind that the Franciscan Friars are not exactly integral defenders of Tradition.  As a matter of fact, they view the Second Vatican Council as being in continuity with Tradition.  This is not to say that the Franciscan Friars are getting what they deserve, but they are simply an element of that revolution instigated by the Council and therefore cannot be trusted doctrinally, even though many of their members display solid Catholic piety.


Below is a video published in January 2011 in which Fr. Peter Damian Fehlner begins a short series in defence of the Council.  Let us recall also that these same Franciscan Friars were promoted by La Porte Latine (official website of the SSPX District in France) for a short period of time back in late 2010 – an early sign of the demise of the Society of St. Pius X.