Boycott the Rosary Crusade


Catholics! Defend the Honour of Your Heavenly Mother!

Do not allow her name to be taken in vain once again!

Oppose the hypocrisy and deceit of yet another Menzingen ‘rosary crusade’!


We call upon all our readers, friends and supporters, and as many of the Catholic world as wish to please Heaven to boycott Menzingen’s latest bogus ‘rosary crusade’ and to spread the word amongst family, friends and Catholic acquaintances.


The Evidence:


1. Previous Rosary Crusades were an insult to the Mother of God. It is not only that they  brought evil in their wake, but that the evil was then blasphemously attributed to Our Blessed Lady. 

2007 – the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum of Benedict XVI relegates the Traditional Mass, (the Roman Rite of Mass) to a second place ‘extraordinary form’, behind the Novus Ordo which is said to be the ‘ordinary form,’ and claims that the Novus Ordo is in continuity with Tradition.Bishop Fellay declares that this was obtained by the Mother of God in answer to the prayers of the first Rosary Crusade.

2009 – Rome announces the “lifting” of the “excommunications” from the four SSPX Bishops. This is a falsehood, since both the SSPX and Rome know very well that no excommunication was ever really incurred to begin with, hence there is nothing to “lift”.What’s more, Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop de Castro Mayer who also (supposedly) incurred the fictitious “excommunication” were completely forgotten and nowhere mentioned. Once again, Bishop Fellay claimed that this insulting lie was obtained by the Mother of God.

2012 – Timed to coincide with the end of the last Rosary Crusade, the already secretly planned sell-out deal with modernist Rome was intended to have been the miraculous “fruit” of this Rosary Crusade. In the end, however, it appeared to have been momentarily thwarted by one bishop, a handful of priests and some naughty laymen who would not sit down and be quiet.

2014 – ?


2. Heaven is not pleased by insincere, hypocritical, fraudulent prayers.

Whilst Bishop Fellay is making a show of publicly asking the faithful to pray for “the protection of the Traditional Apostolate”, he himself and his henchmen are the very ones causing the most harm to the Traditional Apostolate.

What sort of apostolates is he talking about? Let us take one example. In the Letter to Friends and benefactors which introduced this rosary crusade, Bishop Fellay says:

“In a world that is increasingly hostile to keeping the commandments of God, we must have a genuine concern for forming well-tempered souls who take their sanctification and salvation to heart.  This quite naturally leads us to give a great deal of attention to our schools and to their development. … Throughout the world, priests and religious are dedicating themselves to the magnificent task of Catholic education and teaching in more than one hundred institutions.”

Is he sincere or are these the smarmy words of a sly, cynical politician? Consider the fact that one of his “magnificent” schools openly promotes religious liberty. That another school in France published a prayer book which included the Luminous Mysteries. We could go on.

Elsewhere he says:

“At this time our dear priests are traveling through the world to minister to still more believers who discover us and call on us for help.  The priests…do not suffice for the missions that we have started. […] Oh Lord, give us priests!”

This from the man who has expelled so many priests in the last few years for standing up to his own tyranny, for sticking to the principles of the founder of the Society of St. Pius X, or even for as little as preaching a sermon against the general idea of compromise with one’s enemy (as in the case of Fr. Hewko).

There are many more examples, but even one would be bad enough. Making a public show of asking for something whilst at the same time working against that very same thing is not going to call down the blessing of God. Quite the contrary. Whatever the true intention behind this rosary crusade, it is not the one publicly stated.


3. The second intention is Accordist. Its wording has already been tampered with by various district superiors, in an attempt to hide that fact from their faithful.

Bishop Fellay’s first language is French, and he it was who annoucned the Rosary Crusade and its intentions. As given by DICI in the original French, the second intention is:

“Pour le retour de la Tradition dans lEglise”

(For the return of Tradition within the Church)

This version is what can be found in the original letter to friends and benefactors, on the French version of DICI, on the Swiss district website in French and on the German and Italian district websites in their respective languages (“für die Rückkehr der Tradition in der Kirche”; “Per il ritorno della Tradizione nella Chiesa”;).


However in the English speaking world, on the British, US and Asian district websites the second intention is being promoted as:

“For the return to Tradition within the Church”

which obscures the fact that what is being asked of the Virgin Mother of God is that “Tradition” (which in French is shorthand for the SSPX, all its apostolates and its allied religious communities) may return into the Church (as if it is not already in the Church!)

Worse still, the French district, although originally presenting the second intention as it was originally worded, have since re-worded it so as to make the French reflect the English wording, claiming that the second intention is:

“Pour le retour à la Tradition dans l’Eglise”

That this is something which has been done solely for the benefit of the faithful of the French district there can be no doubt, as evidenced by the fact that the original French version can still be seen on and on the Swiss District website. Furthermore, we learn that the Polish and South American districts have each come up with their own distinct wording of the second intention. The Polish District website is promoting a rosary crusade for:

“o uznanie praw Tradycji w Kościele”

(For the recognition of the rights of Tradition in the Church)

 Whereas the South American District is promoting a rosary crusade,

“Por el retorno de Roma a la Tradición católica”

(“For the return of Rome to Catholic Tradition”.)

So which is it? Aparrently there are now four separate rosary crusades. Clearly that last one sounds best, but the point is that is not the intention announced by Bishop Fellay. It is hardly surprising that various district superiors might feel the need to re-word Bishop Fellay’s intention, but that is merely another exercise in deceit.


For all the above reasons it is clear that any Catholic who wishes to do the Will of God, to please Heaven or to Honour the Blessed Virgin Mary can have no part in this initiative whatsoever. The SSPX has been cursed with disunity and blindness. Its priests do not agree with one another and find themselves having to be careful about what they say to whom, a thing unthinkable until fairly recently. This latest Rosary Crusade is a grave insult to Almighty God and to His Blessed Mother. It will call down from Heaven not a blessing but a curse, it will not delay or soften the chastisement but will hasten it, and although Bishop Fellay as the originator bears the most responsibility, it is incumbent upon each of us not to participate in such a serious insult to God. Furthermore, it is the clear Catholic duty of each of us to warn as many others a possible. In the meantime, pray for the survival of Tradition through the work of the Resistance and for the frustration of Bishop Fellay’s plans and those of his confederates.

Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, pray for us!




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  1. Bishop Fellay and his henchmen have themselves disengaged from reality and from the true principles of the SSPX, that they do not even realize the mistakes they are making and the harm they are causing. If they do realize, then is even worse, as it is almost devilish to do so much damage to the Catholic Church and to not care about it.


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