2 thoughts on “The Resistance Grows”

  1. Father Fernando Altamira has delivered the first mass of the resistance in Bogota, Colombia. Father Fernando, the prior of the SSPX in Colombia is now part of the resistance. I am glad to confirm and to evidentiate the bravery of the faithful in Colombia, as more than 220 of them ( two hundred and twenty !! ) have enlisted with the resistance in Colombia, have signed an open letter to Father Boucharcurt, are already attending mass and receiving sacraments from Father Fernando, and are supporting him.
    Hopefully more priests in North America will follow the great example of Father Fernando Altamira,

  2. Father Fernando is a great priest, a true soldier of our Lord, and perhaps the best confessor I have ever had. Many families from the SSPX in Colombia are with him, and will support him. This is a a big blow to the neo-SSPX in South Anerica. Hopefully the priests still remaining in the neo-SSPX will follow the example of Father Fernando. Bishop Fellay and his henchmen make up only a small fraction of the SSPX, the vast majority cannot let a small group destroy the last formally organized bastion of the Catholic faith in the world. I am very proud and honoured to count myself as a friend of Father Fernando.


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