Resistance and Sedevacantism

The Resistance has been accused by the SSPX of leading their supporters to Sedevacantism.


There is a fairly new variation that is infecting some French priests who leave the SSPX. They take the position called ”non una cum”, and, although they do not consider themselves to be Sedevacantist, they do not pray for the Pope in the Canon of the Mass. This is a contradiction in terms.


They have many supporters in France and, it appears, in Quebec. Due to their numbers, they present an attractive option to wearied, battle-scarred priests who leave the SSPX and wonder where they will get their next meal.


Since the goal of the Resistance is to stick to the proper Catholic Teaching, as passed on by Archbishop Lefebvre, we have to reject the “non una cum” position. When a priest offers to say Mass for us, we have to be clear on where he stands on this issue. If he gets this point wrong, then what are the odds that he accepts fully the rest of the proper Catholic Teaching?


Attached is a document sent by the Quebec Resistance which addresses this problem. We fully support the position outlined in this document and invite all to read it. The first part of the document is in French, the English translation follows.


The practical implication is that although Sedevacantists are welcome to come to our Mass, provided they remain polite about their views, we cannot welcome Sedevacantist (or “non una cum”) priests to say Mass for us.

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