Abp Lefebvre and Non Una Cum

Archbishop Lefebvre preached a retreat to the religious of Saint-Michel in Brenne, France, April 1st 1989, wherein he commented on the non-una-cum position of the sedevacantists.


Our friends in Quebec have provided the audio file and a translation of a transcript.
Monseigneur Lefebvre et l’Una Cum – Archbishop Lefebvre and the Una Cum – Transcript


You can directly listen to the audio by left clicking on the “Play” button. If you prefer to download the audio file to your computer, right click the “Play” button and then left click the “Save audio as” option.

1 thought on “Abp Lefebvre and Non Una Cum”

  1. Thank you so much for this quote and translation.
    It leaves us in no doubt what Archbishop Lefebvre would have us do. Those who publicly promote, and argue for sedevacantism as a private opinion are gaining a lot of traction in pro-resistance forums. When privately accepted it changes the prayer-life of those who secretly believe it. Our faith is not a collection of private opinions. When you think about it a Catholic cannot have a private opinion about matters of faith. Our Lord said, ‘Go ye into the whole world and preach the gospel to every creature.’ We obey in full what the Church teaches and Archbishop Lefebvre taught us what the Church teaches full stop. I am most grateful to you for this translation.


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