The Neo-SSPX and Communicatio in Sacris

There is an article based on sound principles in the July to September 2014 Edition (refer to pp. 39 to 42) of the Saint John’s Bulletin published by the The Society of St. Pius X in Ireland on why we ought not to assist at Traditional Masses offered by the priests of the Ecclesia Dei communities or by Diocesan priests. It concerns “communicatio in sacris” (worship in common).  Whereas I essentially agree with the principles stated therein, the author should realize that the same principles can now be applied to Masses offered by the neo-SSPX.  Why?  Because the neo-SSPX leadership has officially accepted a condition (First Condition of the 2012 General Chapter) that is not Catholic.  Furthermore (but intimately related) is the fact that the neo-SSPX wants a canonical regularization prior to the resolution of the doctrinal differences.  I have explained here and here that this position is an offence against the Catholic Faith and hence one who assists at neo-SSPX Masses shows, objectively speaking, a unity with this position.


We at the Our Lady of Good Success Mission again call upon all the faithful who want to remain true to Our Lord and the position of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre to seriously re-consider assisting at neo-SSPX Masses.

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  1. When I read this I was shaken, not because I felt that the facts were wrong but because I realised I was reading in a public blog what I knew was true. The Neo-SSPX is in material schism, most certainly from the Catholic Truth (and there is no other). I will say only what I myself heard from the lips of the saintly Archbishop Lefebvre: “I do not say the new mass is invalid and I do not say it is heretical but I do say it tends toward heresy”. That which tends towards heresy cannot be wholly Catholic and what is not wholly Catholic is not Catholic. It tends to lead toward heresy and heresy is never, even in part Catholic. Above all, we must have the Faith, the whole Faith and nothing but the Faith. Anything that can even tend toward anything other than the entire Catholic Faith must be avoided since to stray from the Faith can only lead away from God, never to Him. No Mass near you? Say your Rosary and ask the great Mother of God to beg her Son to keep you in His Faith in this world so that you can be His and with Him in Heaven.


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