Pilgrimage Recap

Our Lady of Good Success Mission held their first pilgrimage to the Martyrs’ Shrine on this past Saturday. In spite of potentially bad weather, it turned out to be a beautiful experience. The Faithful started off with a Rosary recited in the Shrine itself and then proceeded to say the Stations of the Cross in the outdoor location. Several non-Traditional pilgrims and a NO priest joined us for the Stations of the Cross. Deo gratias!
The pilgrims then met for a potluck held in a parishioners’ home. A good time was held by all, and heartfelt thanks go to the hosting family.
We are already making plans to have our second pilgrimage in May 2015 at a shrine in the Kitchener area. This idea was suggested by a friend and we are hoping to make it work. Please mark it in on your calendar.
Remember that suggestions for parish activities are always welcome. 

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  1. I understand many of you are Tertiaries of St. Francis of Assissi. So today, I wish you a very happy and holy feastday of St. Mary Francis of the Five Wounds.
    May God bless and keep you all.


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