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“Unbrandable” sent us two excellent lists of free Catholic audiobooks (many of which are also available as pdf files) available for downloading. I have merged them together into one list. As she says:


On the website you can have access to many free audiobooks read by volunteers. Type in the title you are looking for and choose “audio” as the category.
Here is a list of Catholic audiobooks that I’ve found so far on that site:
Consoling Thoughts of Saint Francis de Sales – Fr. Jean-Joseph Huguet
A Year with The Saints – Anonymous
An Introduction to the Devout Life – St. Francis de Sales
On the Love of God – St. Francis de Sales
The Imitation of Christ – St. Thomas a Kempis
The Seven Words of the Cross –St. Robert Bellarmine
The Interior Castle – St. Teresa of Avila
The Way of Perfection – St. Teresa of Avila
The Book of Foundations – St. Teresa of Avila
The Endowments of Man – Archbishop Ullathorne
The Groundwork of the Christian Virtues – Archbishop Ullathorne
Christian Patience – Archbishop Ullathorne
Summa Theologica – St. Thomas Aquinas
Light and Peace – Quadrapani
Treatise on Purgatory – St. Catherine of Genoa
Spiritual Dialogue – St. Catherine of Genoa
Sin and Its Consequences – H.E. Manning
The Love of Jesus to Penitents – H.E. Manning
The Story of a Soul – St. Therese of Lisieux
Kindness – Father Faber
Apologia Pro Vita Sua – John Henry Newman
Prayer: Its Necessity, Its Power, Its Conditions – Fr. Girardey
On Piety – Fr. Jean Guibert
On the Exercises of Piety – Fr. Jean Guibert
The Friendship of Christ – Robert Hugh Benson
Confessions of a Convert – Robert Hugh Benson
The Faith of Our Fathers – Cardinal Gibbons
The Revelations of Divine Love – Julian of Norwich
The Marvels of Divine Grace – Alice Lady Lovat
Pastoral Care – St. Gregory the Great
The Dark Night of the Soul – St. John of the Cross
The Ascent of Mount Carmel – St. John of the Cross
The Art of Dying Well – St. Robert Bellarmine
On Prayer – Origen
The Rule of St. Benedict – St. Benedict of Nursia
The Confessions of St. Augustine – St. Augustine
The City of God – St. Augustine
The Book of Divine Consolation – Blessed Angela of Foligno
The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ – Anne Catherine Emmerich
The Cloud Of Unknowing – Anonymous
On Loving God – St. Bernard of Clairvaux )On Union with God – Blessed Albert the Great
Fraternal Charity – Fr. Benoit Valuy
Baltimore Catechism #2
Flowers from the Garden of St. Francis of Assisi for Everyday of the year – Anonymous
A Treatise on the True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin – St. Louis-Marie Grignon de Montfort
The Glories of Mary – St. Alphonsus Liguori
The Sign of the Cross in the Nineteenth Century – Jean Joseph Gaume
The Practice of the Presence of God – Brother Lawrence
Spiritual Maxims – Brother Lawrence
A Story of Love – Francis Cassilly
Sermons of Leo the Great – St. Leo the Great
The Relations of Saint Teresa of Avila – St. Teresa of Avila
Conceptions of Divine Love – St. Teresa of Avila
Commentary on Galatians – St. John Chrysostom
The Sermon on the Mount: Commentary – St. John Chrysostom
The Birth, Temptation and Early Ministry of Jesus Christ: Commentary on the Gospel of St. Matthew – St. John Chrysostom
The Great Encyclical Letters of Pope Leo XIII

The Life of St. Antony of Egypt – St. Athanasius
St. Francis of Assisi – Johannes Jorgensen
The Wonder Worker of Padua – Charles Warren Stoddard
The Lepers of Molokai – Charles Warren Stoddard
The Life and Doctrine of St. Catherine of Genoa
The Life of St. Augustine – St. Possidius
St. Charles Borromeo – Louise M. Stacpoole-Kenny
The Life of St. Teresa
The life of St. Macrina – St. Gregory of Nyssa
The Autobiography of St. Ignatius of Loyola – St.Ignatius
Garcia Moreno, President of Ecuador: 1821-1875 – Augustine Berthe
The First American Sister of Charity: Elizabeth Bayley Seton – John Clement Reville
Lives of the Saints with Reflections for Everday of the Year – Rev. Butler
On the Life of St. Martin of Tours – St. Sulpicius Severus
Saint Athanasius: The Father of Orthodoxy – Francis A. Forbes
The Life of Saint Monica – Francis Alice Forbes
Life of St. Vincent de Paul – Francis Alice Forbes
The Life of St. Teresa – Francis Alice Forbes
Pope Pius X – Francis Alice Forbes
The Life of Saint Columba Apostle of Scotland – Francis Alice Forbes
For Greater Things: The Story of St. Stanislaus Kostka – William T. Kane


In Our Convent Days – Agnes Repplier
Come Rack! Come Rope! – Robert Hugh Benson
Lord of the World – Robert Hugh Benson
Fabiola – Cardinal Wiseman
Utopia – St. Thomas More
Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation – St. Thomas More
Clouds Cover the Campus – Daniel A. Lord
Murder in the Sacristy – Daniel A. Lord
Red Arrows in the Night – Daniel A. Lord
Sister Simon’s Murder Case – Margaret Ann Hubbard
Murder Takes the Veil – Margaret Ann Hubbard
Murder at St. Dennis – Margaret Ann Hubbard
The Dawn of All – Robert Hugh Benson
God Goes to Murderer’s Row – Rev. M. Raymond

Knight of Molokai – Eva K. Betz
The Man Who Fought the Devil – Eva K. Betz
Priest on Horseback – Eva K. Betz
Yankee at Molokai – Eva K. Betz
The Quiet Flame – Eva K. Betz
In God’s Garden (lives of the Saints) – Amy Steedman
God’s Troubadour: The Story of St. Francis of Assisi – Sophie Jewett
Outlaws of Ravenhurst – Sister Imelda Wallace S.L.
A Crown for Joanna – Sister Mary Jane Dorcy
Tom Playfair – Fr. Francis Finn
His First and Last Appearance – Fr. Francis Finn
The Fairy of the Snows – Fr. Francis Finn
But Thy Love and Thy Grace – Fr. Francis Finn
Killgloom Park – Neil Boyton
A Candle for Our Lady – Regina Hunt
First Communion Days – A Sister of Notre Dame
True Stories for First Communicants – A Sister of Notre Dame
Eddie of Jackson’s Gang – Brother Ernest
Just Stories – Rev. Winfrid Herbst
Tell Us Another – Rev. Winfrid Herbst
Angel Food for Jack and Jill – Rev. Gerald T. Brennan
Angel Food Time – Rev. Gerald T. Brennan
Just For Juniors – Rev. Gerald T. Brennan
Going His Way – Rev. Gerald T. Brennan
For Heaven’s Sake – Rev. Gerald T. Brennan
The Ghost of Kingdom Come – Rev. Gerald T. Brennan
Sunday Morning Storyland – Rev. Wilfrid Diamond
Good Morning Boys and Girls – Rev. Hosty
Wopsy: The Adventures of a Guardian Angel – Gerard F. Scriven
My Bible History: Old Testament – Rev. Louis Laravoire Morrow
My Bible History: New Testament – Rev. Louis Laravoire Morrow
God Died at Three O’Clock – Rev. Gerald T. Brennan
The Man Who Dared a King – Rev. Gerald T. Brennan
Angel Food: Little Talks to Little Folks – Rev. Gerald T. Brennan
That Office Boy – Francis Finn
Jesus of Nazareth: The Story of His Life Simply Told – Mother Mary Loyola
Stories from God’s Holy Book – Josephine Looney
Countdown – Kurt Becker S. J.
The Basket of Flowers – Christoph von Schmid
Captain Ted – Mary T. Waggaman
Stories for God’s Little Ones – Father John Koenig
The Adventures of Tommy Blake – Brother Ernest

What’s Wrong with the World
The Wisdom of Father Brown
The Innocence of Father Brown
Tremendous Trifles
The Man Who Was Thursday
The Ballad of the White Horse
The Club of Queer Trades
The Man Who Knew Too Much
The Flying Inn
The Defendant
The Ball and the Cross
Alarms and Discursions
Wine, Water and Song
All Things Considered
The Donkey
The Nightmare
Robert Browning
What I Saw in America
The Napoleon of Notting Hill
Varied Types
Eugenics and Other Evils
The New Jerusalem
A Short History of England
A Miscellany of Men
The Song Against Songs
George Bernard Shaw
The Tree of Pride
The Appetite of Tyranny
A Utopia of Userers
Irish Impressions
The Appreciations and the Criticisms of the Works of Charles Dickens
The Crimes of England
Charles Dickens
The Superstition of Divorce
Lord Kitchener
The Ballad of St. Barbara and Other Verses
The Everlasting Man
Miscelleneous Essays
Wit and Wisdom of Chesterton
A Chesterton Calendar


V)Hilaire Belloc
The French Revolution
Europe and the Faith
The Servile State
The Free Press
On the Pleasure of Taking Up One’s Time
This, That and the Other
First and Last
On Something
On Nothing and Kindred Spirits
On Anything
The Great Inquiry
The Eye Witness
The Path to Rome
The Jews
Warfare in England
The Historic Thames
The House of Commons and Monarchy
The Party System
A General Sketch of the European War – The Second Phase
The Old Road
Hills and the Sea
The Last Days of the French Monarchy
A Moral Alphabet – found in Children’s Short Works, Vol. 007
Cautionary Tales for Children – found in Children’s Short Works, Vol. 006
The Bad Child’s Book of Beasts – found in Children’s Short Works, Vol. 014
More Beasts for Worse Children – found in Children’s Short Works, Vol. 014

VI) Additional Books
The Thirteenth Greatest of Centuries – James Joseph Walsh
History of the Catholic Church from the Renaissance to the French Revolution: Volume 1 – Rev. James MacCaffrey
History of the Catholic Church from the Renaissance to the French Revolution: Volume 2 – Rev. James MacCaffrey
Ecclesiastical History of England – The Venerable Bede


The Venerable Bede

Thank you “Unbrandable”!


Pax et Bonum, in the Union of Prayer,


Brother Joseph TOSF


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