Spiritual Bouquet for Fr Girouard

Oh, Canada! Such a big country and so few Resistance priests – one, in fact: our studious and detailed-oriented Father Patrick Girouard.


As our lone ranger of the Faith in Canada, we should show him our appreciation and prepare a Spiritual Bouquet for him – a big and beautiful one. Like all priests, Father Girouard requires spiritual arms. We can help to acquire them for him through our plentiful and earnest prayers: short prayers, long prayers, novenas, extra decade/s of the Rosary, sacrifices . . .
It is an important endeavor because the last thing that we want to do is to unintentionally aid the Devil and his devious minions in their quest to stomp out the Faith by attacking the priesthood.
Father’s birthday is March 17th – the feast of St. Patrick – hence his first name; obvious, I know. It would be great to present the bouquet to him on that day. You are welcome to send the tallies on or before March 16th to Patricia at black777irish@hotmail.com


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