The Revolution and The Remedy

Revolutions are part and parcel of our human existence. Ever since the very first Revolution in the Garden of Eden – the first turning away from God – every human being must either choose or reject God. All subsequent Revolutions are merely variations of mankind turning away from God.
And because God instituted the Roman Catholic Church to be the ark of salvation for mankind, the goal of the Revolution right from the beginning has been to destroy the Church. And in order to destroy the Church, Christendom had to be wiped out first. Therefore, beginning with the Protestant Revolution, all Catholic States, one by one, suffered political take-overs and saw the installation of masonically inspired regimes. This goal was completed with the Russian Revolution and the death of the last Emperor, Charles I of Austria.
But God never leaves us orphaned and always provides remedies. God uses human instruments – prophets and saints – to turn us back to God.
History is replete with examples of how God used human instruments to perform marvelous restorations. For example, God provided Moses when the Jews were about to turn to the worship of the false gods. Later on, when charity waxed cold, God sent the Poverello to bring the love of God to the sick and the weary. Later again, when atheism was taking over the world, God provided the Curé d’Ars to restore the Faith of the people.
In the 1960’s, the Revolution was finally ready to destroy the Church. But instead of destroying the Church (the gates of hell will not prevail), all that the Revolution achieved was the creation of a false conciliar structure (with new theology, new mass, new canon law, new devotions) that would ape the true Church.
At that time, the remedy was Archbishop Lefebvre.
There is no doubt that God raised the heroic and the uncomplicated Archbishop Lefebvre to protect the people and to guide them through the Vatican II Revolution. The Archbishop kept the Faith when most of the clergy fell into the conciliar apostasy. He patiently and clearly explained the errors of the conciliar new theology, explaining to the people why they must stay away from the new mass (including the Indult mass). He was uncomplicated in that he did not give in to heretical or schismatic musings. Like the Curé d’Ars, the Archbishop was saintly because he kept the complete Deposit of Faith and passed it on to the next generation.
Today the Archbishop would be consistent and would once again tell us to stay away from all groups (including the SSPX) – however traditional they may appear – who seek recognition/regularization with the conciliar structure. The Archbishop would explain that priests who accept any part of Vatican II new theology run the risk of falling into apostasy and breaking with the Church of All Time. In his simple and clear words, the Archbishop, like the Curé, the Poverello, and Moses, would tell us to keep the Faith of our fathers.
But the Revolution goes on: Vatican II is not over. The heresies of the conciliar structure are multiplying. The Master of the Revolution – the mass Manipulator – uses all modern means – and there are plenty!! – to fuel the mass hysteria. The goal is, needless to say, to destroy the Faith that still remains and to send people to the illusory consolation of Quietism (the pray-only cop-out), the SV (the emotional bail-out), the Indult (the NO with Latin accent)….
This time, however, the Master of the Revolution has overstepped himself. It is one thing to take on the world (he is, after all, the Prince of this world); it is altogether another to take on the Bride of Christ, the Holy Roman Catholic Church. And because God has always used human instruments and because He gave us His promise in Genesis (which He reiterated throughout history), we can expect an extraordinary remedy.
This time, the remedy will be the Saint of All Saints and the Mother of All Saints and the Queen of All Saints.
This time, it will be the Woman who will put the Revolution to shame!
Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

Pax et Bonum


Sister Constance TOSF


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