Hope within the SSPX?

A recent EC comments “let us present one encouraging sign that his Society is not yet completely dead: quotes from a sermon given on January 1 of this year in Chicago by Bishop Tissier de Mallerais, one of the four bishops consecrated for the SSPX in 1988. ”
Is it safe then to stay in the SSPX?
Review the information in https://ecclesiamilitans.com/primary_sources_for_studying_the_crisis_in_the_sspx_2012.pdf and you will see that as long as documents such as the 2012 General Chapter Statement and the recent interview of Fr Pfluger are not retracted, the SSPX are not following the path outlined by the Archbishop.

Therefore we cannot say that it is safe to stay within the SSPX.
The 2015 sermon here was excellent and His Excellency did give an excellent sermon in 2014 and one in 2013 – but only once a year?
I am sorry, but the SSPX has not yet resurrected from the dead.

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