The unbridled Neo-sspx Assimilation

From, Machabees comments:


The timing is unfortunate, yet the timing is apt within this Passion of Holy Week, from the SSPX Angelus Press making their aggressive and ambiguous posture within their new Jan.-Feb. 2015 Angelus Magazine: Romanitas: what does it mean for Catholics?
Flatly, it is the ambiguous Neo-sspx Assimilation: “Not Catholic without being [Roman]”.
Where have we heard that before? Bishop Fellay, as with his followers in the neo-sspx, has been chasing us with that language ever since they came out publicly to defend their larger context that they believe that the conciliar church IS the Catholic Church, and their “Not Catholic without being [Roman]” takes on a new meaning.[1]
Based on the new sspx Branding campaign to assimilate everyone into the new deal of reconciliation, the neo-sspx has dedicated their Angelus Magazine to focus on their Roman impetus; without any distinction to the dangers or errors of assimilation!
Well of course not. How do you reconcile with using strong words to that effect?
Within their article, they provided a 40-page PDF excerpt in which if you do a word find for the word modernism, they use it a few times only in a broad context towards Rome; that is, to place history’s modern revolution at the feet of those who only want to divide Rome into an “anti-Romanism” spirit; not to directly point out anything in regards to those betrayers presently occupy the highest places and attacking the Faith and Tradition of today (La Salette)!
The narration is that Romanitas is broad; the revolution is broad; the neo-sspx understanding is broad; so isn’t the road to hell, says our Lord…
Silent apostacy…is even within the neo-sspx.


[1] The neo-sspx believes that the conciliar church IS the Catholic Church. Which means that the sspx believes that the conciliar mechanisms of the post-Vatican II structure in Rome, in its official mode of conciliar operation and discipline, is in perpetuity with the salvation of the True Church of Eternal Rome. Archbishop Lefebvre condemned that idea and stated that the Catholic Church IS the Eternal Church connected in Her belief, structure, and discipline of all of the Popes preceding the revolution of today’s conciliar church’s belief and structure.
The distinction is made by recognizing the present authorities who are occupying the seats, which is why we are Catholics and not sedevacantists, but not accepting their methods of sin to go into the fallacy of their new environment of conciliarism that is hostile to the environment of Catholicism we made promises to in our baptism. It is the same as those in the Old Testament not following the devices of the sinful leaders who went off the path in their time.
Such the case, when Rome converts and comes back to the practice of the Eternal Church, one day they will by the grace of God and get rid of their whole conciliar mechanism which will be condemned, and bring back the structure of Catholicism that bore Saints for the Church -that is Eternal Rome- in fidelity to its past, She has Her glory; not the conciliar future and its illusions that Bishop Fellay wants to put incense on.
We in the Catholic Resistance have never left the Catholic Church; they have, and founded another conciliar doctrine that is anathema.

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