News from Ireland
Don Giacomo3
From a correspondent in Ireland comes the following encouraging news:
There are currently three Resistance priests in Ireland. Fr. Bufe is joined by Fr. MacDonald, back from Australia, both of whom are in turn jonied by Fr. Giacomo Ballini (an Italian priest who had been stationed in Cork under Fr. Wailliez, and before that in Preston).
At the 11.00 Mass in Cork yesterday, Fr. Ballini explained his departure to the faithful, and handed out documentation to better explain what is going on in the SSPX and why he felt that he had no choice but to leave. Fr. Wailliez is reported to have gone down to the chapel shortly afterwards in a rage to change the locks on the church (why would that be necessary?) and otherwise prove himself as vindictive as possible.
Meanwhile, Fr. MacDonald offered Mass in Wexford yesterday for around 45 people, in the chapel currently used by the Resistance which was once used by Dom Marmion some 100 years ago. Three chapels: Wexford, Cashel (Tipperary) and Tralee (Kerry) are now lost to the SSPX and with the Resistance. This is in addition to the other Resistance chapels where Mass is regularly offered: Kesh (Fermanagh), Longford (where Fr. MacDonald will be offering regular Mass) and Dublin (at the Skylon Hotel, where Fr. Bufe will be offering Mass next Sunday at 10am).
Remember to pray for Fr. Ballini, and pray that more priests and faithful will have the courage to stand up to the modernism of the neo-SSPX and do likewise.

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