Fr. Kramer: The Critical Importance of Russia in the Message of Fatima

The things foretold in the secret of Fatima are already starting to be fulfilled. We are no longer in the post WWII Cold War with the Communist USSR threatening to impose its atheistic regime on the entire world. Communist Russia did spread its errors throughout the world; but those errors were imported from London and New York by Jewish bankers whose puppets rule over the West, and those errors originated in the high-degree Jewish lodges of Freemasonry.


From the beginning, the Jews were at the helm of Soviet Communism, and those Gentiles who joined the Communist Party and took part in the Soviet government served the foreign and alien interests who plundered Russia for the sake of their own globalist Zionist empire.


The collapse of the USSR was engineered in order to provide the bankers with direct control over the mechanism of plunder. Yeltsin had to go along with it — the price he had to pay in order to rid Russia of Communist oppression. He handed Russia over to Vladimir Putin, who has been able to wrest the mechanism of plunder from the hands of Russia’s plunderers — but the bankster elite do not quietly accept defeat. They seek to provoke Russia to war with the US — a war that Russia will win at first, but which will fatally weaken Russia and make it vulnerable to Chinese invasion.


I have explained all of this in my book, The Mystery of Iniquity. Mr. Putin does not want to rule the world, but if he will be provoked into attacking the West, he will suffer the unintended consequence of playing into the globalist game plan to estsblish the New World Order. Not only the West and the rest of the world will suffer the worst possible oppression as a result, but Russia also will be in danger of total domination by forces inimical to the Russian nation. At that point, Russia will resist, and will be in danger of annihilation. It is precisely at that point in time that the Consecration of Russia will convert and save Russia; and by that means Russia will be instantly transformed from the instrument of chastisement into an instrument of grace, salvation and liberation from the godless antichrist empire.



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  1. May I ask you what you think of Mr. Ferrara and his articles on the Fatima Center site about Vladamir Putin? He pretty much indicates that Putin is not to be trusted.

    • People have different opinions about Vladamir Putin’s trustworthiness. Personally, I hope that the changes I see in Russia under his leadership are authentic on his part. However, I am still sitting on the fence.


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