Rosary Crusade Tally Reminder

Just a reminder to send in your tally as noted in an excerpt from a previous message:


….Fight, Children of the Light, you, the few who can see! (Our Lady of LaSalette)


And for those who have not yet joined us in this worldwide Resistance Rosary Crusade, it is never too late to start…go to …print off the tally sheet (at the Tally tab)…and begin…


Note: To find the total number of rosaries prayed in each country in this first month, go to . On the Home page, click on the flags flying high above the world map, and you can see the totals on the respective Tally Sheet displayed.


There will still be some additions, so keep checking….and keep praying….and don’t forget to send in your total # of rosaries on the 13th of next month! God Bless…



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