Newsletter #4 June 13 – July 12, 2015 Worldwide Resistance Rosary Crusade

From the organizers of the Rosary Crusade:



Newsletter #4 June 13 – July 12, 2015 Worldwide Resistance Rosary Crusade


The Flags of 13 Countries! will soon be flying high on our website as we unite our rosary intentions throughout the world for:


  • The Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as requested by Our Lady of Fatima
  • The conversion of sinners and in reparation for our sins
  • God’s mercy upon us and Our Lady’s protection over us


The Flags of our Countries signify our determination to persevere in our efforts to pray our rosaries through these busy and out-of-our-regular-routine summer months; to show Our Blessed Mother that we will not forget her during these still peaceful times and beg her not to forget us when the hard times come…


The Flags of our Countries represent all of us carrying the crusader banner in this dark age of apostasy (a quote from a crusader in Denmark); letting our Blessed Mother know that we are still her children and are still fighting for the Faith in such a seemingly small way – but in the way she has asked us to …under the protection of her mantle…


The Flags of our Countries show our allegiance to Our Lady as she leads us into victory; we’re on the winning side, the war has already been won, but she still wants us by her side in battle…


The Flags of our Countries represent our unity and solidarity in prayer, and our unity in holding to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith handed down to us by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in all its integrity and splendor: uncompromised…


The Flags of our Countries remind us all that we are not alone, even though there may be only one family sending in their tallies from Singapore or New Zealand, from Indonesia or Finland or India, we are part of a much larger cohort – Our Lady’s army, fighting to the finish, never giving up…


Surely Our Lady is pleased with the efforts of her children…


May our prayer, O Lord, be directed as incense in Thy sight; the lifting up of my hands as an evening sacrifice;


Set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth and a door round about my lips, that my heart may not incline to evil words and seek excuses in sin;


May the Lord kindle within us the fire of His love, and the flame of everlasting charity;


May the Divine Assistance remain always with us, and may the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace.


There is a price to be paid for everything we do, but also one that may be exacted for doing nothing…so let us carry our banners high as we sound our battle cry:


Hail Mary, Full of Grace, The Lord is With Thee; Blessed Art Thou Among Women, and Blessed is the Fruit of Thy Womb, Jesus! Holy Mary, Mother of God, Pray for Us Sinners, Now and at the Hour of Our Death. Amen.





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