Planned Detraction: Post by Machabees

Within the battles of the -sspx-crisis information war- from 2012 to now, tactics certainly have been formed and trenches have been dug; that is unfortunate, we are suppose to be Catholics with one mind and one heart following the one Lord in the desert and in His glory.
Menzingen’s tactics have morphed many times throughout:
From 2012, they began to deny any such crisis existed.
When pressed with contradictory facts, they thwarted the problem with distraction words like prudence, obedience, and state of office.
When pressed with more of their contradictory facts, they acknowledge there is a change, but direct it to their deep psychological need of an identity malformity: to be regularized.
When disclosed with history that we are not irregular but the conciliarists are irregular, they suppress with us with a heavy hand to punish, expel, and transfer anyone who disagrees.
When shown that it is wrong and unfair, they go on the offensive and spend hours and money on conferences, media propaganda, videos, letters, Angelus articles, commercial Branding operation, new websites, and the like to make a new image to update to the world.
When shown the differences of the old-sspx and the new-sspx, they change ABL from a Saint of combat to a mascot of dialogue.
When shown the hypocrisy, they claim obedience and authority.
When shown the falseness of this argument and its likeness of Vatican II’s course of change, they state that we are a “caricature of tradition”.
When we take due action to protect ourselves from their compromises, they state that we are “not catholic”.
When need arose of more Bishops for Tradition in cause of the modernist crisis, they state that it is not the same modernist crisis.
When shown that they are in hypocrisy to their founding and existence and use of supplied jurisdiction, they move the goal posts to mean the crisis is about something else; their irregularity.
When shown that the conciliar church in not the Catholic Church, they throw a barrage of charges against us without any substance; like the recent sspx french district superior and Fr. Cooper.
When shown truth is eternal and the Church is uncompromised, they return to say that we need to be Roman [conciliar] Catholics.
When shown that their principles are compromised with conciliar thought, they undercut our foundational old-sspx principles to blanket it with human falliblenesses as in Fr. Couture’s new interview calling out Bishop Williamson’s true weakness of leadership (at minute 52:00) as a reason that the Catholic Resistance is not true.
When reminded that human weakness is not the end but only a weak instrument to carry the faith, they attack us to submit to Bishop Fellay as the authority, and without which, as Fr. Cooper states: “To break with Bishop Fellay is tantamount to breaking with the Roman Church.” (sic)
When shown that fairness needs to follow accuracy, they do not talk to us, and only slander us with a planned detraction.

Perhaps the neo-sspx priests have not read their recent memo from the website “Don’t detract your neighbor!”; or was it a one sided piece just meant for us?

Perhaps also that the new-sspx should read some of their old-sspx principles to remind them of what fidelity is and what is a farce.

Their motivation, promotion, and funding to remain within the Egyptian land of conciliarism is not only delusional, it is a death trap that our Lady of La Salette had warned us to beware of false teachings and false prophets…and its resulting apostation.

Either we are Catholic, or we are not.

Either we follow God and all of His counsels, or we follow men and their personalities for which we will perish in our sin.

The answer is easy; but only a few, says Sacred Scripture, walk on its narrow path.

Mary, Queen of Martyrs, pray for us…

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