Two Stories of the Holy Rosary

The following was sent to us by a parishioner:
“I am including two little stories of the Holy Rosary that may encourage more people to join the Rosary Crusade.

In J.M.J.”

Taken from The Life of St Dominic by Sr. Augusta Theodosia Drane (Mother Frances Raphael).

(The Rosary) Many stories are told of the wonders which followed on its first adoption. Some despised it, and ridiculed its use; among whom was one of the bishops of the country of Toulouse (France), who, hearing the Rosary preached by St. Dominic, spoke of it afterwards with contempt, saying it was only fit for women and children. He was soon convinced of his error; for shortly after, falling into great persecution and calumnies, he seemed in a vision to see himself plunged into thick mire from which there was no way of escape. Raising his eyes, he saw above him the forms of Our Lady and St. Dominic, who let down to him a chain made of a hundred and fifty rings, fifteen of which were of gold; and laying hold of this he found himself safely drawn to dry land. By this he understood that it was by means of the devotion of the Rosary he should be delivered from his enemies, which shortly took place after he had devoutly commenced its use.
Another similar story relates how a noble lady opposed the new confraternity of this devotion with all her power, but was converted by a vision, which was granted to her one night in prayer. Being rapt in ecstasy, she saw an innumerable company of men and women surrounded by a great splendour, who devoutly recited the Rosary together; and for every “Ave Maria” which they repeated, a beautiful star came forth from their mouths, and the prayers were written in a book in letters of gold. Then the Blessed Virgin spoke to her and said, “In this book are written the names of brethren and sisters of my Rosary, but thy name is not written; and because thou hast persuaded many not to enter it, there shall befall thee a sickness for a time, which yet shall turn to thy salvation.” The lady was soon after seized with sickness, and recognizing the truth of the the prediction, she caused herself on her recovery to be inscribed among the members of the confraternity.

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