Nature Salutes a Saint

Nature salutes a Saint. At 3:40 a.m., in Martigney, France Marcel Lefebvre dies. At the same time, across Europe, and for two hours from New Jersey to Alabama, a display of brilliant Aurora Borealis is seen. Many colors illuminate the night, with a brilliant red, an unusual Aurora color, blazing. In Vestment symbols, red represents the Holy Ghost. Marcel Lefebvre belonged to the Holy Ghost Fathers, or White Fathers, known for their white clothing. Yet the color of Pentecost or the Descent of the Holy Spirit is flame red. White streaks were seen against a brilliant red color during this remarkable display at the time of Marcel Lefebvre’s passing. It is as though nature, impelled by God, honored a true Saint with a brilliant salutation. If one tilts photo #1 on the computer screen up, gradually up and down, the most brilliant light shape directly under the bright star in the upper middle of the photo looks a little like an Ecclesiastical figure either sitting on a throne or perhaps standing, with a miter shaped cap and the right “arm” raised as if in blessing. It is almost as if there is a rod or cozier in the left hand. It is easy to imagine, anyways. It also seemed remarkable to me that a volcano should stop erupting on the day Archbishop Lefebvre received Extreme Unction.
Photo #1 Pennsylvania on the same date and time (10:45 pm., March 25th, American time) as the Archbishop’s death. Paris time would be 9 hours later, the next day.
Photo #2 is of a rare red Aurora in Alaska, undated.
#3 is Hekla volcano eruption from Jan. 17, 1991-March 11th.
#4 Is an undated photo of a spectacular yellow Aurora.
Blessings, “Bernadette”

Aurora-Arch red

1991  volcano

Aurora-Arch yell


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