Resignation and Laziness vs Action and Initiative

Here is an importance reflection from The Biography of Marcel Lefebvre by Bernard Tessier de Mallerais. The paragraph is separated into sentences to help the reader to focus on the message.

He [Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre] wanted to “follow” Providence.

However, confidence is not nonchalance.

His friend Fr. Calmel was well aware of this: “Leaving things up to the grace of God is not to do nothing! It is to do everything in our power, while continuing in love.”

Holy abandonment is found “not in resignation and laziness but at the heart of action and initiative.”

It would be dishonest to pray to God for victory without actually fighting for it.

Here we find magnanimity: responding generously to divine grace.

Magnanimity asks us to give something beyond prayer that one must pay for with one’s own person: “The things I pray for,” St. Thomas More prayed magnanimously, “dear Lord, give me the grace to work for.” (p 568)


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