Concerning the Avrille Dominicans

On page 22 of the October 2015 issue (#30) of the Recusant, which you can find here, there is an excellent article that constructively criticizes the position statement of the Dominicans of Avrille (France) in regards to the neo-SSPX and the Resistance.  The author of the article keenly points out the problems with the position statement.  Myself, I have a problem with the Dominicans keeping one foot on each side of the fence.  The question is: has the neo-SSPX, as a whole, departed from the line of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre?  I believe that the Dominicans themselves would answer “yes”; otherwise, they would still be on good terms with Bishop Fellay and the neo-SSPX leaders.  And it is the leadership that defines the party line of a particular society or community.  Those under the leadership will either stay put or leave if they don’t agree with the party line.  Remaining silent, but privately disagreeing is as good as publicly accepting the party line.  The Dominicans, however, in their position statement reduce the line to the individual priest.  That would be fine if the priest was independent, but the neo-SSPX priests are not.  Their leadership speaks for them.


The neo-SSPX priests have had over three years to make their move.  Ninety nine percent of them have chosen to stay put and remain silent.  Therefore, it is time for the Dominicans (and those like Bishop Williamson, who in issue #431 of Eleison Comments reduces the line to the individual priest as well) to take a firm stance and shake off the neo-SSPX wholesale, if they want to continue claiming that they are holding the line of Archbishop Lefebvre.

Our Common Faith in Jesus Christ?

When reading the following article, please keep in mind that the term “Christian” can only be truly applied to Catholics. Protestants are heretics, objectively speaking, and the Orthodox are schismatics, objectively speaking. Please pray for their conversion to the one and only true Church founded by Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church.


Our Common Faith in Jesus Christ - November 1916


This article was taken from the November 1916 issue of the Franciscan Herald.