Testimony about the Content of the Third Secret of Fatima

I wish you all a blessed day on this Feast of Pentecost.


Dr. Maike Hickson of the website OnePeterFive published today that she had a conversation this very day with a long-time priest friend, Fr. Ingo Dollinger, of the former Pope Benedict XVI in which the priest revealed to Dr. Hickson that the then Cardinal Ratzinger revealed to him that the content of the Third Secret of Fatima (i.e., the portion not revealed in the 2000) speaks about a “a bad council and a bad Mass”.  Since Our Lady requested that the pope reveal the Third Secret by 1960 (which Pope John XXIII did NOT do), there is no doubt that She was speaking about the Second Vatican Council and the New Mass.


This testimony on the part of Dr. Hickson corroborates the testimony of Fr. Paul Kramer to whom the same Fr. Dollinger revealed the same thing.  Each testimony can be found at these respective links:






The Second Vatican Council and the New Mass are not the work of the Holy Ghost but of the devil and his minions.  Hence, we have a moral obligation to reject them both.

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