Fr Girouard was right – Upcoming Rosary Crusade

From: Father Girouard
Sent: July-04-16 8:38:32 PM
To:  Father Girouard

Dear parishioners,
On June 24th, I had commented on the Menzingen June 25-28 meeting of the Neo-SSPX Major Superiors. Among other things, I had said that Bishop Fellay was going to order some special prayers, maybe even a fifth Rosary Crusade, in order to prepare the faithful psychologically, so they would accept an eventual “normalization” as a result of these prayers (see part in red font in the forwarded June 24th email below).
Well, it is happening my dear friends! DICI has announced that Bishop Fellay, as of July 2nd, has been ordering a new Rosary Crusade, with a goal of 12 million rosaries. The official intentions are all good and beautiful and can be summarized thus: To obtain the fulfillment of the requests of Fatima, as well as a special protection for the SSPX. (See link:
I have no problem with these official intentions, and I will certainly make them my own. And I encourage you to pray the Full Rosary everyday. (We will not have tallies. We will have God and the Blessed Mother as our witnesses).
No, the problem I have is not with the intentions nor with the prayers themselves. It is with what will happen AFTER the Crusade.
Indeed, my fear is that, as I said on June 24th, Bishop Fellay will come out with a beautiful parchment signed by the Pope. A parchment that will solemnly recognize the Society as being part of the Official “Catholic” (Modernist) Church. And Bishop Fellay would say: “In the Crusade, we have asked for the protection of the Society. Thanks to the 12 millions Rosaries, the BVM has obtained for us, from the Heart of Her Son, this special protection! Yes the Holy Father has signed this document where he recognizes us and promises to give us his personal protection, so that we will be able to continue “as we are”.  This new gift from God and the BVM is truly a new means given us by Divine Providence to better continue our work for the extension of the Social Kingdom of Christ! It is also the reparation of a grave injustice!  This is truly a sign that Rome has changed for the better! Our venerable founder, Archbishop Lefebvre, would have accepted this providential gift. Indeed, we can be sure that he has united his prayers to that of the BVM to obtain it from Our Lord, and that he is now rejoicing with her in Heaven! In thanksgiving for this wonderful gift of Providence, let us renew officially the consecration of the Society to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and let us have a Te Deum sung in all our chapels!”
My dear brethren, my fear is not irrational. It is based on Bishop Fellay’s reactions to the 2007 Motu Proprio “Summorum Pontificum”, and to the 2009 “lifting” of the so-called “excommunications”. Both of these Roman documents were presented by him as gifts from the BVM, following earlier Rosary Crusades.
Time will tell, of course. I am not a prophet.
Meanwhile, let us do the prayers, which are good, and let us beware of the possible misuse of the Crusade, which would be bad. In other words, let us have the rosary in one hand, but let us keep a good sword in the other!
God bless,
Father Girouard


Dear parishioners,

The latest communiqué from Menzingen, following the Superiors’ meeting of June 25-28, is nothing more than window dressing to keep customers happy. See link to CathInfo:

Indeed, this communiqué doesn’t reveal any practical resolution, only “intentions”. So, after three days of meeting together, this is all the Major Superiors could come up with? Is this all they have been able to achieve? Seems like a lot of money, from the sacrifices of benefactors, has been spent for nothing… (Or maybe it was paid by the Rothschild’s donation from Austria?).

Remember, friends, the following: Whenever Menzingen comes up with soothing words like that, we must not forget what they have actually DONE.

(I will keep it short here…):

1-The April 2012 Letters from and to the 3 Bishops show the SSPX General Council’s true opinions.
2-In 2012, Bishop Fellay has sent the AFD to Rome, and has not since sent another official document to Rome to repudiate it.
3-Bishop Fellay sent a letter to the Pope on June 17th, 2012, saying he would continue with all his strength to work for a recognition, and saying the only reason he cannot sign the Rome proposal of June 13th, was that too many people in the Society were not yet ready to accept it.
4-The General chapter of 2012 has abandonned the 2006 Chapter Resolution (“no practical agreement without the conversion of Rome”), which was in line with the Archbishop’s latest position.
5-Since the summer of 2012, Bishop Fellay and his cronies have punished severely anybody (clergy and lay) who publicly criticized his new policy, going even as far as expelling H.E. Bishop Williamson.
6-On June 27th, 2013 the 3 remaining SSPX bishops (F, G, T) declared publicly that they would accept an unilateral recognition by Rome, even without its conversion.
7-In October 2012, Fr. Wegner, then District Superior of Canada, admitted to me, and promoted, the new branding of the Society effected by a professional firm. This branding was summarized in one sentence: “If the Society is to grow, it has to cease criticizing Rome and the VII reforms, and focus rather on the beauties of Tradition.”

Dear parishioners, I think we must never lose sight of these above-mentioned FACTS. All the rest that comes from Menzingen is nothing else than lullabies intended to put people to sleep. Let us refuse these sirens’ songs. Let us  remain alert, strapped firmly on the boat of true fidelity to Tradition. And true fidelity can only be one that refuses any compromise with those and the things that are destroying the Church!

God bless,
Father Girouard


From: Father Girouard
To: Father Girouard
Subject: SSPX meeting
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2016 14:24:40 -0700
Dear parishioners,
Somebody (anonymous) said his District Superior (country unspecified) is going to a special SSPX General Chapter in Menzingen to take place June 25-29. Why this is a secret meeting is anyone’s guess. But remember that the 2012 Genral Chapter said that, in the event of a Rome agreement proposal, an Extraordinary General Chapter would have to be convoqued to study it and to give an answer to it. In view of all that happened in the last months, we could assume that this is what this secret meeting is about.
Unless this is a preparatory meeting to get the “feel” of the Major Superiors, and/or to get a first tentative answer of the Society to a first tentative offer from Rome.
In other words, there might be more of such secret meetings in a process of tweaking out the draft proposals from Rome. Then, after this process, Rome would present an official proposal, and the SSPX would have its official, non-secret, Extraordianry Chapter to give an official answer to this proposal. Prayers, possibly a novena to the Holy Ghost, or a fifth Rosary Crusade, would be set in motion, to make the faithful believe that they somehow can influence the outcome. But the outcome would already have been decided in the previous secret meetings. The Extraoridinary G. Chapter (EGC) would be there just to rubber stamp the decision, and the prayers would be asked just to be able to say to the faithful that the EGC reached the decision wanted by God. Consequently, those who will refise the agreement would be qualified as resisting God’s Will.
That’s my two cents.
Still, let us pray…

God bless,


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