Pontification or Proper Sermons

Rather than meditating and making pronouncements on your personal interpretation of Canon Law, as do too many members of the Resistance, I recommend again the sermons of the book noted at Sermons For Sundays.
Today’s (19th Sunday after Pentecost) meditations concern how to interpret the Feast and how to apply it to your life to ensure that you are not cast out. This is an excellent way to “nourish your Faith”.


Sermons for Sundays

Attached is a set of sermons discussing the Mass readings for the Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost. We encourage everyone to read a good set of sermons every Sunday as we are in need of proper teaching and do not have recourse to sermons of Resistance priests on a regular basis.

The complete book of sermons (four books in total) can be found here:


In particular, we call your attention to the second sermon (St Basil the Great, Doctor of the Church) called Meditation on Humility and on Vainglory, which exemplifies Franciscan Spirituality. and demonstrates why these Virtues are to be sought after.