A Refutation of “A Catechetical Refutation”

You may download here a paper I wrote called A Refutation of “A Catechetical Refutation”:  Regarding a Defence Made of Bishop Williamson’s Comments on the Novus Ordo in response to a thesis in Mr. Sean Johnson’s paper called A Catechetical Refutation:  Regarding Certain Objections Made to Bishop Williamson’s Comments on the Novus Ordo in which he defends Bishop Richard Williamson’s advice to a lady during a conference given in Mahopac, NY on June 28, 2015 regarding active attendance at the Novus Ordo Mass.  I argue that Bishop Williamson’s advice to the lady transgressed the Declaration of Fidelity to the Positions of the Society of St. Pius X written by the saintly Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1981 on this essential matter.

I beg His Excellency to retract his advice and return to the position of his spiritual father, who consecrated him a bishop to carry forward the promotion and defence of Catholic Tradition.  This must needs include the wholesale rejection of the Novus Ordo Mass and its active attendance.

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  1. It is also fascinating to see the reference on page 13 which notes the position that Bishop Williamson used to take:


    In this recording, Bishop Williamson says that the New Mass is “illicit in any case”, that it is “intrinsically offensive to God” and “intrinsically evil”, and that “one may not attend a valid, illicit Mass any more than a Satanic Mass”. It is clear from this audio that Bishop Williamson once held publicly the position that one may never actively attend the Novus Ordo Mass even when valid.”


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