“The Messed-up Mass” by Fr Hesse

In this two part video:
Part 1
Part 2
Fr Hesse labels the NOM as generally invalid as well as illicit. He explains that the Sacrifice must take place in order for Grace to be available. That Grace is God himself. If the NOM has no Sacrifice, then there is no Mass, and therefore no Grace.
Furthermore, we can never tell if the NOM is valid because the sacrificial nature of the Mass is downplayed or outright removed. And when there is doubt about the sacrificial nature of the Mass, we run the risk of worshiping a cookie. Fr Hesse reiterates the necessity to stay away from doubtful sacraments.
Fr Hesse also states that the NOM was never decreed but was merely published by Pope Paul VI. He also states that the infallible Council of Trent forbade the creation of a new Rite or a new Mass.
Here are some quotations from this conference:
• Do not participate in something which is against Divine Law.
• Do not participate in something which is doubtful.
• Follow the safer course. The safer course cannot be to attend the New Mass which you don’t even know if it’s valid or not.
• You cannot sanctify Sunday by doing something wrong.
• Illicit means it is against Divine Law.
• The New Mass is a Protestant Mass.
• The New Mass was written by Protestants.
• The New Liturgy is illicit and you cannot participate in it.
• In most cases in today’s parishes, you receive a cookie and nothing else.


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