Fr Hesse – “New Conciliar Religion”

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Fr Hesse calls the NO a counterfeit church. He says: “The counterfeit church assumes the name Catholic Church but does not have the right to be called Catholic Church because it is a new church with a new Doctrine and a new Liturgy”.

“Vatican II was not an Ecumenical Council as it had not intention of defining Dogma.”

“Vatican II as a whole is unacceptable to a Catholic.”

Father lists some heresies contained in the Vatican II documents. For example Dei Verbum #8 gives a new definition of Tradition: “There is a growth in Tradition. That means Tradition is developed under the faithful’s study and their religious experiences.”

In the Q&A, at 51:42, Father deals with the question of receiving Communion in the NOM: “You are not allowed to receive Communion at the NOM.” He warns: “Adopt the safer course.”

As to Perpetual Adoration in the NO, Father says: “Perpetual Adoration of what? Do you know if it’s Our Lord or are you adoring a Ritz cracker? How do you know?”

To the question of whether to attend a NOM, Father gives this practical advice (1:11:13 and on): “The validity of the NOM is of no concern to us.” “Why do you break your head over something that is illicit anyway?”

At 1:12:36, Father quotes the Council of Trent in the 7th Session, Canon 13: “Whoever says that any of the Pastors (that includes the Pope) may add unto the Liturgy, subtract from the Liturgy, or write up a new Liturgy, anathema sit.”

In the last eight minutes, Father gives advice concerning apparitions quoting St John of the Cross.


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