Sacred Mass According to Church Law

Fr Hesse says that ABL used the 1962 Missal because of the Law of Self Defence.
“According to Catholic Moral Theology, you are not allowed to go beyond the necessary means to get rid of the actual situation against which you have to defend yourself.”
“Do not go beyond what is necessary to remedy the situation.“
Therefore, laymen and priests are all bound to be careful of how far they go in getting out of difficult situations.
“I reject the reasons for celebrating the Old Mass by priests who at the same time objectively – and may it be only for diplomatic reasons – agree with Vatican II. There is no way that you can agree with heresy even for diplomatic reasons, for reasons of emergency.”
Therefore we accept the red-light position, and do not go to Indult or nSSPX Masses.
We recommend that you listen to the entire talk, which can be found

here .

Attached a transcription (by Sr C) of the salient points.
Sacred Mass according to Church Law


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