In the quote below, Archbishop Lefebvre comments on why we cannot go to the Mass of a group which is dangerous to the Faith. His argument can certainly be applied to the Red Light Position.
Following the format of “another forum” who does not provide links to the site they quote from:

Interview with Archbishop Lefebvre, Fideliter No. 79 Jan. – Feb. 1991
Archbishop Lefebvre: “I have always warned the faithful vis-à -vis the sedevacantists for example. There, also, people say: “The Mass is fine, so we go to it.” 
“Yes, there is the Mass. That’s fine, but there is also the sermon; there is the atmosphere, the conversations, contacts before and after, which make you little by little, change your ideas. It is therefore a danger and that’s why in general, I think it constitutes part of a whole. One does not merely go to Mass, one frequents a milieu.” 

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