Out of Line with Archbishop Lefebvre?

I have been accused by a few people that I am no longer in line with Archbishop Lefebvre because I now accept Benedict XVI as the true pope.  Really?  How do they know that Archbishop Lefebvre would undoubtedly accept Jorge Bergoglio as pope?  They make the Archbishop some kind of static character who would always accept the general consensus of who is pope despite evidence to the contrary.  This is a false characterization of the man.  Did the Archbishop accept the general consensus of the Vatican II Council Fathers?  No.  So don’t fall for it if you too accept Benedict XVI as the true pope or are leaning towards this fact.  This is a matter of evidence and the evidence clearly shows that Benedict XVI did not renounce the office (munus).  Therefore, he is still pope.

7 thoughts on “Out of Line with Archbishop Lefebvre?”

  1. In my humble opinion this view could be a novelty from the erroneous 1983 code of canon law. I hope to provide more info if you permit.

    • No. You are going down the wrong path. Whether we like it or not, the 1983 Code of Canon Law is the current legislation. I would love to go back to the 1917 Code, but that is not the case at the current time.

      If you read the book called Most FAQs about the SSPX, which was published in 1997, here is a part of what it states regarding the 1983 Code (Question 8 – Shouldn’t we accept the 1983 Code of Canon Law):

      “We must, therefore, suspect the new legislation of codifying the same errors and so be ready not to accept all its ‘laws’, but only those which do not evidently compromise Catholic teaching on faith and morals.

      “For the most part, we may regret the loss of clarity, precision and integrity the 1917 Code of Canon Law had, but that is insufficient reason to reject these canons (of the 1983 Code that do not evidently compromise teaching on faith and morals),”

      What is in brackets above is mine addition for the sake of clarity.


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