Another Representation of What Pope Benedict XVI Actually Renounced

This is taken from an article written by Fr. Roberto Abdicto (pseudonym) titled “Between De Mattei and Socci:  Analysis of Benedict’s Latin Renunciation Text and Parts of Dom Gänswein’s 20 May 2016 Speech; In Reply to the Article in CFN Entitled de Mattei vs. Socci”.  It closely resembles what I wrote in my paper and diagram.

If you would like a copy of the full article and/or a book by the same author titled “Apologia Pro Benedicto Decimo Sexto: Why Benedict Is Still Pope; A Manifestation of the Indefectibility of the Catholic Church”, please e-mail me at

1 thought on “Another Representation of What Pope Benedict XVI Actually Renounced”

  1. Thank you and thank God for your good will, Mr. la Rosa. This information, I believe, is the key to understanding the “difficult yet triumphant” decision made by our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI whereby the promises of Jesus are kept AND the rotten, diabolical, putrid filth is revealed so that each person without a doubt can make his choice for blessing or curse, life or death, Church or anti-church. Thank you for your bravery and faithfulness as a soldier of Christ.


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