An Act of Schism

Friends, I urge you to take seriously the case of whether Jorge Bergoglio or Benedict XVI is pope because adhering to the wrong person as pope is an act of schism.  It is a material act of schism if one is not aware of the truth of who is pope and yet innocently adheres to Jorge Bergoglio as pope because of the general consensus.  It is a formal act of schism if one’s intellect arrives at the judgement that Benedict XVI is the true pope, but his will nonetheless refuses to adhere to that judgement.

For those who choose to ignore this issue, you do so at your own risk.  I would not want to be found wanting because of culpable ignorance.

The following are some sources to help you come to the truth that Benedict XVI is the pope:

I have other sources, but I ask you to please e-mail me at for those.

2 thoughts on “An Act of Schism”

  1. This is not a fair warning. There has been the problem of anti popes in the past such as the case in the time of 3 Popes and mind you Saint Vincent Ferrer believed in the wrong Pope and yet was he in schism?

    • Fidelis,

      I specifically made the distinction between material and formal to avoid comments like yours. It is the same distinction made between material and formal heresy.


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