1 thought on “Antipope “Francis” Bergoglio: The Freemasonic Conspiracy to Destroy the Papacy”

  1. Although I am in much agreement with the these you have posted here, the primary issue with Miss Barnhardt and her speculation of our Holy Father Pope Benedict’s intent is that it tends toward allowing and even promoting a lack of charity to the person of Pope Benedict. She herself frequently calls him worst. pope. ever. I have emailed her and addressed her theory of Pope Benedict being complicit in the Modernist’s desire to destroy the Divinely established monarchy ie. the Papal Office. At NonVeniPacem, I have been having a discussion about the BiP views which were distilled by the commenter Cam. Perhaps this discussion is relevant to a fuller consideration of the evidence that we have available to us all regarding BiP especially with regards to the Law of Charity.

    Thank you again for coming out strong and bravely “swinging for the wall”.


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