Automatic Loss of Office for Public Defection from the Catholic Faith

“…..the idea that any manifest heretic could validly hold office is, as I prove in Volume One of this work, contrary to the doctrine of the universal magisterium of the Church, and also rests on the heretical premise that a manifest heretic (i.e. one who is manifestly a formal heretic) would still be a member of the Church until he is judged a heretic by juridically competent ecclesiastical authority.”

Kramer, Paul. To Deceive the Elect: The CatholicDdoctrine on the Question of a Heretical Pope (Kindle Locations 56-58). Kindle Edition.

“I have demonstrated (in Volume One) that the Church teaches de fide, that the manifest sin of public formal heresy constitutes a defection from the Catholic faith, which by its very nature separates the heretic from the body of the Church; and as a consequence, any officeholder in the Church (including the pope if that were possible), who would publicly defect from the faith into heresy, would automatically lose office ipso jure, as is set forth in Canon 194 §1. 2° (of the 1983 Code of Canon Law).”

Ibid. (Kindle Locations 59-63). Kindle Edition.

“According to can. 188.4° of the 1917 Code, any holder of whatsoever office who publicly defects from the Catholic faith into heresy loses office automatically, even before any judgment is pronounced by the competent authority. The opinion that an obstinate public heretic retains office, or remains a member of the Church until he is judged, is contrary to the Catholic faith.”

Ibid. (Kindle Locations 84-87). Kindle Edition.

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