Invitation to Pray a 54 Day Rosary Novena

This request was made by a reader of Ecclesia Militans:

“This is an invitation, in particular, to traditional and resistance priests, religious, consecrated and lay Catholics to pray a 54 day Rosary Novena beginning on January 1, 2020, to give light to us all as to whether Jorge Bergoglio, also known as Francis, is the TRUE POPE who is bad or a COUNTERFEIT POPE.

“Placing our intentions before GOD and our BLESSED MOTHER MARY, let us pray in humble FAITH and TRUST that our prayers will be answered in this most powerful Novena prayer. Our GOD and MOTHER MARY, the MEDIATRIX OF ALL GRACES, who will intercede for us, will answer each one of us perfectly and without fail in this most important matter.

“As always, we believe the TRUTH will be revealed to us FOR THE GREATER GLORY OF GOD.  AMEN”

“Let us place ourselves under our QUEEN OF THIS MOST HOLY 54 DAY ROSARY NOVENA who is our TWELVE STAR GENERAL as we unite with all her soldiers throughout the world, even if we are but few. She has already chosen the souls who will pick up our powerful weapons which are our ROSARIES. The battle is raging, and as usual the laborers/soldiers are few; however, our LORD JESUS is all powerful and our QUEEN is His MEDIATRIX of all GRACES. We will also be praying for all those throughout the world who will be given the graces of light necessary in order to see clearly. This battle is to dispel the confusion, uncertainty, and disunities concerning who is the true vicar of Christ on earth. As always, we pray humbly and in confidence that our prayers will be answered.

“In addition, our Lady’s 54 Day Rosary Novena will begin on January 1, 2020 which is the OCTAVE DAY OF THE NATIVITY OF OUR LORD, a most HOLYDAY, and will conclude on February 23, 2020 which is Quinquagesima Sunday and also the commemoration day of Saint Peter Damian. In the introduction of the 1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal for this day we read, ‘It is Jesus Who, by the merits of His Passion, is to open the eyes of man as He did those of the blind man of Jericho, and deliver him alike from the bondage of sin and error’.

“The chart for this Rosary has been made available on for all who are interested.


The chart mentioned above may also be downloaded here.

One Does Not Have to Wait for a Judgment of the Church to Judge Another to Be a Heretic

“The word ‘manifest’ means, ‘clear or obvious to the eye or mind’. If not only the matter of heresy is clearly manifest, but the conscious and wilful profession of ‘a doctrine that immediately, directly, and contradictorily opposes the truths revealed by God and authentically set forth as such by the Church,’ is patently obvious to the mind, then the person who professes it may be judged by others to be a heretic, even without a juridical pronouncement of the Church, since no one needs any official declaration to be made in order to form a judgment of opinion on a matter that by its very nature is already ‘clear or obvious to the eye or mind’. The proposition that one is not a manifest heretic until an ecclesiastical judge pronounces that one is a manifest heretic is absurd on its face, since by the very fact that the heresy is manifest, it is already ‘clear or obvious to the eye or mind’ before any judgment is pronounced; yet this is precisely the silliness that John Salza and Robert Siscoe maintain in their rabid legalism. However, it is clearly the doctrine of the Catholic faith that if a person is a manifest heretic, then it is manifest that heresy has suapte natura severed that one from the body of the Church, and if he is a holder of ecclesiastical office, he has ipso jure automatically lost office and all habitual or ordinary jurisdiction ex natura hæresis, before any sentence is pronounced by the Church. Since the loss of office for public defection from the faith was prescribed in the 1917 Code to take place ipso facto and ‘without any declaration’, and it remains that way in the 1983 Code; it is absurd for anyone to claim that the faithful must wait for a declaration from Church authorities before judging in conscience on an ipso jure loss of office that takes place ‘without any declaration’; and that until a judgment be pronounced by competent authority, they need to and must remain subject to a heretic pope and to a vast portion of the hierarchy who have visibly expelled themselves from the body of the Church; while those pastors who remain faithful, and who are competent to judge, are either too blind or too frightened to speak.”

Kramer, Paul. To Deceive the Elect: The Catholic Doctrine on the Question of a Heretical Pope (Kindle Locations 11174-11182). Kindle Edition.