Fr. Paul Kramer on TradCatKnight Radio – May 24, 2018 – Heresy Rampant in Traditionalist Circles These Days

My friends, this is a must listen to interview in which Fr. Paul Kramer explains that heresies are being taught and accepted in Traditionalist circles these days in regards to the judgment of a true pope for heresy and in regards to the loss of office of a public manifest formal heretic:

  1. A council cannot judge a true pope for heresy.
  2. A public manifest formal heretic automatically loses office.

The contradictory teachings to these are heresies!  Yet, what do we hear throughout Traditionalist circles these days?  Many are calling for an imperfect council to judge Jorge Bergoglio, who they accept as a true pope, for heresy.  They also claim that a public manifest formal heretic does not lose office automatically, but must first be judged as a heretic by the competent Church authority before the loss of office takes place.

Woe to you Traditionalists who teach and/or accept these heresies!

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