Separated from the True Pope, You Won’t Remain Catholic for Long

Dear Catholic Resistance,

You resist Vatican II.  Good!  You resist the New Mass.  Good!  You resist acknowledging Benedict XVI as the true pope.  Bad!

Get out of your material schism.  Stop acknowledging Jorge Bergoglio, an anti-pope, as the true pope.  Otherwise, you risk a formal schism with the true pope and the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, which leads you to risk separating yourselves forever from Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

Separated from the True Pope, you won’t remain Catholic for long

Archbishop Lefebvre on the Validity of the New Rites

A valid sacrament requires the correct matter and form, the intrinsic causes, and a valid minister and the intention to do what the Church does, the extrinsic causes.  For a sacrament to be intrinsically invalid, at least one of the intrinsic causes must be defective.  Now in some Traditionalist circles, it is claimed that Archbishop Lefebvre held that the validity of the New Rites of the Sacraments is doubtful.  By not making any qualifications, they make it seem like the Archbishop was speaking about the matter and/or form of the New Rites.  If it is their intention, they are not correct. Take, for example, the Fr. Stark issue.  Here are the words of the Archbishop during a 1983 conference in Ridgefield, Connecticut:

Note that Archbishop speaks about studying each case and not making one judgment across the board.  If he held that the matter and/or form was doubtful, he would indeed be right to make one judgment across the board.  Now, this example is for the New Rite of Ordination.  What about the New Rites of the other Sacraments?  For all the other New Rites, one would have difficulty finding Archbishop Lefebvre placing doubt on the matter and/or form as approved by Rome, except for the matter of the Sacrament of Confirmation because of the permission given in the New Rite to use vegetable oil instead of olive oil.  For the New Rites of the Sacraments, rather, the Archbishop was chiefly concerned with the intention of the minister due to a poor formation.  However, as mentioned above, this is an extrinsic factor.  Therefore, these Traditionalist circles need to be careful when they make broad statements and attribute them to the Archbishop or take the Archbishop’s words out of context.

St. Frances of Rome’s Visions of Hell

A generous soul has translated into English “The Visions of Hell of St. Frances of Rome” from the French booklet that itself was made by taking her visions from the French book set “The Devil in the Lives of the Saints”.  You may download it here.

You may also hear Fr. Hewko’s sermon on these visions here.

Please pray one Hail Mary for this generous soul.

A Council Cannot Judge a Reigning Pope for Heresy

“The heretical absurdity of the opinion that anyone or any power on earth can judge the pope, even for heresy, is made manifest by the consideration that the pope, in virtue of his primacy and infallibility, possesses the supreme jurisdiction and the infallible power to judge all questions of faith and morals – even his own propositions. Hence, the proposition that a council can judge a pope’s doctrine and declare it heretical; and from that premise, that the council could then judge the pope personally guilty of the crime of heresy directly opposes the dogma of pope’s universal primacy of jurisdiction defined in Pastor Æternus.”

Kramer, Paul. To Deceive the Elect: The Catholic Doctrine on the Question of a Heretical Pope (Kindle Locations 2954-2958). Kindle Edition.

Blessed Emmerick’s Endtime Prophecy (Formal Schism of Rome)

In the following talk given by Mr. Eric Gajewski of TradCatKnight Radio on February 9, 2017, he speaks about Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich’s prophecies that seem to relate to what we see going on now in regards to Pope Benedict XVI and antipope Jorge Bergoglio.  Mr. Gajewski was one of the first Traditional Catholics to take the position that Jorge Bergoglio is an antipope.  He explains that the conciliar church is in a material schism with the Catholic Church, but the apostate church led by Jorge Bergoglio is headed towards a formal schism.  I agree!