9 thoughts on “Fr. Paul Kramer’s Response to Fr. David Hewko and the Admin of The Catacombs Forum”

  1. Mr. LaRosa,
    I want to thank you in particular for connecting Fathers Hewko and Kramer by presenting this to us in this way through this post.
    It is obvious to me that both these priests are a blessing from God to help us through these times in which God has placed us.

  2. Two great Priests I have immense respect for both
    But I totally believe Fr Kramer has got it very much well worked out without any question of a doubt
    I acknowledge it’s probably not everyone’s view
    I sincerely wish that we could all pull together and have some kind of authority on this as to me it’s quite clear that Bergoglio is not in any way a true man of God let alone a Pope judging by his actions
    Fr Kramer is without doubt an absolute authority on this whilst Fr Hewko is such wonderful Priest
    It’s sad to see two great churchmen differ

    • I pray that their respect for each other will be an example to all of us, and by this I mean that each of these PRIESTS OF GOD will be charitable toward one another. There has been too much in the way of uncharitable words, uncharitable name calling, and uncharitable accusations in our beloved priests at times, and this example passes on to the flock of traditional Catholics. I pray that they will treat each other with the highest degree of respect both privately and publically because Father Kramer and Father Hewko have both earned this respect. Their respect for each other would edify all concerned.
      Praise be to God for these two priests in our evil times.

  3. “On the other hand, if it appears certain to us that the faith which was taught by the Church for twenty centuries cannot contain error, we have much less of an absolute certitude that the Pope be truly Pope. Heresy, schism, ipso facto excommunication, and invalid election are some causes which could make it happen that a Pope never was one or would cease to be one. In this obviously very exceptional case, the Church would be in a situation similar to that which occurs after the death of a sovereign pontiff.

    Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Écône, August 2, 1976.

    These prophetic words of Archbishop LeFebvre make me understand that he knew the time was coming that the Catholic faithful would need to figure this out. Archbishop LeFebvre did not face this in his time, but he did prepare his priests to battle for the true church as he knew this time was inevitably on its way.

    Since the Archbishop’s time has passed, we now have arrived at the time in which clearly the true pope is Pope BenedictXVI and the counterfeit pope is jorge bergoglio.

  4. Also, Father Kramer has been much maligned, and so we pray for him as he continues to persevere.
    GOD Bless the faithful priests and other faithful souls who have been chosen to fight in the army of Our Lady in this evil age. Let us pray a great deal for them, and trust HER as we all persevere toward the promised CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA and the TRIUMPH OF Her Immaculate Heart .


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