3 thoughts on “Q. When Did Benedict XVI State Unequivocally that He Is No Longer the Pope? A. Never.”

  1. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/vatican-insider-furious-francis-demanded-benedict-retract-name-from-priestly-celibacy-book

    The article above shows once again that Pope Benedict XVI is a victim of jorge bergoglio.
    So it seems as the story develops, the true pope who is Benedict is THE VICTIM OF ABUSIVE TREATMENT as he tries to confirm Catholic TRUTH regarding priestly celibacy. He needs our prayers to our Blessed Mother particularly in the HOLY ROSARY that he is able to survive the near future in the Vatican as THE COUNTERFEIT POPE, jorge bergoglio and the other members of the counterfeit church can only be stopped by HER intervention, as SHE WHO IS THE IMMACULATA IS QUEEN OF HEAVEN and EARTH and QUEEN OF HER SON’S VICAR, POPE BENEDICT XVI.
    Let us also ask priests to offer the HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS for the TRUE VICAR OF CHRIST, POPE BENEDICT.
    He may be in danger, and it is a solemn duty upon all Catholics to pray diligently for our Pope Benedict.

  2. The spirit that has INVADED AND CAPTURED Conciliar Rome is now on display for all those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. This spirit is not that of THE HOLY GHOST by any means.
    We must pray our daily ROSARY and wear our BROWN SCAPULAR in order to wade through the evil.
    POPE BENEDICT needs our prayers because only the TRUE POPE at God’s appointed time can perform the commanded Consecration of Russia. At this time, our LADY of the HOLY ROSARY is counting on Her Catholic soldiers to pick up our weapons, which are our Rosaries, and pray for Pope Benedict XVI.
    THE TRIUMPH OF HER IMMACULATE HEART will be our VICTORY in GOD’S plan for the PURE AND IMMACULATE BRIDE OF CHRIST to be restored to us on this earth; and all those enemies who have taken hold of the CITADEL will be stopped.

  3. WOW. The article link confirms what much of the information I have looked into reveals. Also, the questions and answers by Father Kramer are incisive.
    I read just yesterday that Archbishop Ganswein is considered to be the head of the household of “so called Francis” also known jorge bergoglio in addition to being the personal secretary to Pope Benedict. Can we at least say conflict of interest or should we just come out with it and perhaps say A.K.A. spy or prison guardian. This video of Archbishop Ganswein is proof because it seals in his own words that he has freely stated one thing of TRUTH concerning that Pope Benedict did not intend to renounce the office. That he changes his testimony and the TRUTH speaks volumes.


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