A Council Cannot Judge a Reigning Pope for Heresy

“The heretical absurdity of the opinion that anyone or any power on earth can judge the pope, even for heresy, is made manifest by the consideration that the pope, in virtue of his primacy and infallibility, possesses the supreme jurisdiction and the infallible power to judge all questions of faith and morals – even his own propositions. Hence, the proposition that a council can judge a pope’s doctrine and declare it heretical; and from that premise, that the council could then judge the pope personally guilty of the crime of heresy directly opposes the dogma of pope’s universal primacy of jurisdiction defined in Pastor Æternus.”

Kramer, Paul. To Deceive the Elect: The Catholic Doctrine on the Question of a Heretical Pope (Kindle Locations 2954-2958). Kindle Edition.

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  1. Thanks Tony I fount the Magisterial document that overrides the elevation of a heretic as Pope. It should also be clarified that many modernists seek to disqualify it but the Magisterial document was written in perpetuity as a preventive measure against the abomination of desolation and the same document annuls the futile subsequent attempts that want to revoke it. https://www.virgosacrata.com/cum-ex-apostolatus-officio.html The Bull Cum ex apostolatus officio of Pope Paul IV was confirmed by the Pope St Pius V in 1566 on Inter Multiplices motu.
    The Code of Canon Law not only retained the sentences of the Cum ex apostolatus (Pope Paul IV and St. Pius V) but they are also the official source of the Code.
    The Bull of Paul IV belongs to the infallible Magisterium of the Church and has never been revoked and was used as a source to write the Code of Canon Law of 1917.

  2. https://mercaba.org/MAGISTERIO/cum_ex_apostolatus_officio.htm
    San Francisco de Sales, doctor de la Iglesia (siglo XVII):
    “Cuando un Papa es explícitamente hereje, el pierde ipso facto su dignidad y queda fuera de la Iglesia”. San Roberto Belarmino, doctor de la Iglesia afirmó :

    “El Papa que sea manifiestamente hereje cesa él mismo (ipso facto) de ser Papa y cabeza, del mismo modo en que cesa de ser un cristiano y un miembro del cuerpo de la Iglesia; y por esta razón él puede ser juzgado y castigado por la Iglesia. Esta es la opinión de todos los antiguos Padres, que enseñan que un hereje manifiesto pierde toda jurisdicción.


    • Thanks Tony for this post and your clarifications here; and laicosunidosencristo this video from Gloria TV is superb. We haven’t seen it all yet, but what we have viewed so far is great.
      Also, the video has been posted on CathInfo.com in two separate places-BERGOGLIO EXPOSED and BENEDICT XVI IS STILL THE POPE.
      I pray that you, Tony, and this video is helping some to wake up, and provoking them to see and hear the TRUTH THAT POPE BENEDICT XVI REMAINS POPE as jorge bergoglio seduces many while he seeks to DESTROY the ONE, HOLY , CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC CHURCH as the counterfeit pope.
      Please GOD and our LADY of the HOLY ROSARY pour your graces upon those Catholics that
      are being seduced.

  3. This is False!!!! Because the Bull of Pope Paul IV confirmed by the Code of Canon Law 1917 makes it clear that the elevation of a heretic is invalid and void. Bergoglio was already an apostate and schismatic heretic in Argentina, therefore he has never been a legitimate Pope. Beside that Pope Benedict did not renounce his Petrine ministry completely.
    In addition, St Bellarmine also tells us that if a pope shows himself as a heretic for this fact, he ceases to be a pope and can be judged by the Church. Likewise, St Francis de Sales affirms that if a pope shows himself a heretic he loses his jurisdiction.

  4. Could you please explain further what this translates into regarding the present Pope Benedict XVI and the counterfeit pope, jorge bergoglio.
    Thank you, in advance, for helping me to understand this.

    • Many who accept Jorge Bergoglio as pope are calling for an imperfect council to investigate and potentially condemn Jorge Bergoglio for heresy. This is heretical. A reigning pope cannot be brought to trial for heresy or anything else.


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