Don Minutella Honours Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

Don Minutella honours Archbishop Lefebvre in the segment of the video below.  He says, rightly, that the Archbishop will one day be canonized a saint.  He shows the picture of St. Padre Pio kissing the ring of the Archbishop.  I do apologize to the non-Italian speakers.

It is good to see a priest excommunicated from the Conciliar Church honour the saintly Archbishop, especially one who accepts Benedict XVI as the true pope.  Priests like Don Minutella put the Resistance to shame on the matter of who is the current true pope.  I wonder when one of the Archbishop’s own spiritual sons will break from the “Jorge Bergoglio is the pope” party line.  Let us pray that the day will come soon!

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  1. GOD BLESS DON MINUTELLA and all those who stand up and battle for the TRUTH in this evil age in which we live.
    FOR THE GREATER GLORY OF GOD, let us all seek the TRUTH wherever it leads us in our quest to save our immortal souls.


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