What Is the Difference between the Conciliar Popes and Jorge Bergoglio? – Fr. Paul Kramer Answers

In defending the position that Benedict XVI is the true pope, I have heard that it does not matter who is pope because all the conciliar popes were Modernists and Jorge Bergoglio is no different.  Some have even claimed that Benedict XVI is worse than Jorge Bergoglio.  Really?  Those who make such statements are simply wrong.  There is a huge difference between the conciliar popes and Jorge Bergoglio and it is this:

The conciliar popes were not public manifest formal heretics; Jorge Bergoglio is!

And this, other than the canonical argument, proves that Jorge Bergoglio is not a true pope because a true pope cannot be a formal heretic.

Let us read the following excellent Facebook post by Fr. Paul Kramer explaining this:


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